World's end

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World's definitely going to end....

Submitted: September 30, 2012

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Submitted: September 30, 2012



World’s End


Today is the world’s end,

The day no one will be able to defend,

So grab your family and friends,

And spend the last moments till the end.


The tsunami is on its way,

Soon it will hit the bay,

What we do is pray,

But things don’t seem to be okay.


The next to come is the earth quake,

This made everything to shake,

Surely, it made me to wake.

These things are not at all fake.


 The volcano erupting sound,

Made everyone kiss the ground,

I could only frown,

As the lava drowned the town.


There came the meteor shower,

Blowing the ozone cover,

And killing the beautiful flowers.

Oh god! Why so much power?


The sun emitted its solar flare,

Without having a single care,

We couldn’t even stare,

At the sun’s fierce glare.


With all the forces coming together,

There is an extreme weather,

But, I definitely know whether,

There is no more life or any other.


It’s all because of our bloody mistake,

The whole world is at stake,

At least for the new world’s sake,

Don’t let the stupid human’s wake.

  • K. Hariharan.

© Copyright 2018 HARIHARAN. All rights reserved.

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