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This is the poem that I read for a poetry slam competition about a month ago. I did not advance because it wasn't about life struggles or personal battles like all of the other participants, but everyone said that it was amazing and was the only truly original piece of the entire competition. I hope you enjoy it!

Submitted: May 21, 2015

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Submitted: May 21, 2015



Who am I?
How did I get here?
What is my name?
And what caused these tears?

I sat up from the floor
And looked around
But nothing seemed familiar
Except for that sound

I had heard it before
A high-pitched scream
As if someone was in pain
God, I hope this is a dream

In the small room
Was one lonely window
And when I looked out
I saw the Earth burning below

I remember.

Fire rained from the sky
To my right, my daughter was burning
At my left, my son, dismembered
My wife, the source of the screaming

They came from another galaxy
What they wanted was unknown
The only thing I knew for sure
Was that they were wiping us from our home

They killed us by the millions
As we scurried like ants
Our spirit was all but broken
We never stood a chance

But my wife and I were different
I have no idea why
They took us from our dying home
We never even had a chance to say goodbye

I looked back through the window
At my former home
It began to crumble
And then was blown to kingdom come

The screaming stopped.

The door to my room opened
Two of them walked in
One with some sort of weapon
The other, carrying a syringe

They led me to a room
Resembling a hospital
And I saw my wife
Opened up on the table

They wouldn't let me run
For I was next
They strapped me to a table
And started cutting down from my neck

Whatever they put in me
Kept me alive
As they took me apart
To see what was inside

They removed many of my organs
And pulled something out
It began to pulsate
A rythym that was really quite loud

They smashed in on the ground
Killing whatever it was
And put a new one in
Now I was done

I blacked out.

When I opened my eyes
I could not believe what I saw
Various creatures everywhere
Staring at me in the raw

My wife was beside me
As one of them walked out from the crowd
“Welcome to Ka’orvan,” It said
Looking very proud

It was then that we knew
There was no sleep from which to be awakened
We were the last of our kind
We were selected and taken.

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