Lament of Love

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What is love? Is it always tender or not?

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011




Lament of love

Limerick (1st, 2nd, and 5th line rhymes; 3rd and 4th line rhymes)

In love I have drowned,

My dead body was never found.

Calliope, I thought she’d cry,

But no, she just bade goodbye.

I wanted not to be anywhere around.


Acrostic (First letter of each line forms a word subject of the poem: LOVE)

Lost I was for a long time,

Optimistic still I am to pave my way back.

Violent affection, and nasty love is,

Endangered my life was.


Lingering regret suffocates my dreams,

Over me it has brought doom.

Viewing my past is a curse,

Enticed by your beauty, it has murdered me.

Haiku (Three lines, about nature, 5-7-5)

The roses of love,

Aromatic but wicked,

Evil in disguise.


Cinquian (1st line – 2 syllables, 2nd line – 4 syllables, 3rd line – 6 syllables, 4th line – 8 syllables, 5th line – 2 syllables)

Love is


Behind lurks temptation,

And unleashed hysterically,



ABC Poem (First of letter of each line forms the alphabet in order)

A spell I was put under,

Because of it I had been killed.

Calm I want to be but

Death keeps coming behind me.


Analogy Poetry Type (similarity between unlike things)

My love’s red is black,

Reward has been nothing but lament.

The Underworld sank to grief,

And my soul shattered to pieces.


Free Verse Type Poetry (No measure)

My body has floated away,

Drowned in the sea of my bitter sorrows.

Has mercy left me?


I call for help,

But no one came to my aid,

I asked myself, why?

And all I can think is love.


It’s because of amour,

That I am cursed.


Fervor I say is full of temptation,

You may say not all passion is,

Yes I agree,

But be cautious,

‘Coz not all love is tender.

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