The life of a high school drop out

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About a high school drop out

Submitted: August 27, 2015

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Submitted: August 27, 2015



Life of
High School
Drop Out!




Hi my name is Cheyenne Lee,  I'm 17 and a Sophomore in high school.  I had no idea where my life was going,  I was still young and always thought to myself that I would never get married or have a family for that matter but that changed that summer.  I had very few friends and liked it that way.  My life revolved around school and wanting a boyfriend but all through the past years of school I never had dates for any dances and no one I could call the one.  So I just stayed to myself most of the time my grades were not the best but I was passing so to my parents I was a good girl and good student but I always felt like something was missing.  I had no idea what it was but I wanted to find out.  My parents thought I had a lot of friends in school because thats how I made it out to be but I had about enough friends that I could count on one hand.. The jocks where creeps and the popular girls where bitches who acted as if their shit did not stink and the nerds where just extra people I had things in common with.  I went through my days in school as they came and past all the last grades by the skin of my ass and sometimes I did not think I would pass but some how I did.  One of my best friends was Paige Ann Becker.
 Paige and I where like two peas in a pod we were always there for each other and for most of the dances we went together and had some fun but not the fun I really wanted to have.  But I am not a pretty girl and I'm not popular so we were like outcasts to every one.  We also had another good friend who was a grade ahead of us but she was cool not like everyone else who was a grade ahead of us. (stuck up snobs) Her name is Heather Rose McKinley.We were all able to hang out together and talk in study halls but that was  about the only time we did socialize but we still were great friends until the last time we seen Heather she had a boyfriend that did not go to school he had graduated two years before.  Heather became pregnant with twins and Paige and I hardly seen her after that.  So Paige and I made a pack that we would not leave each other,  we said that we were gonna graduate and go to the same college so we would never be apart but that all changed too... Paige dropped out of school when she too ended up pregnant.  So now I was left alone to fend for myself with bullies and all my classes.  But I had to do this for my parents, they looked so much into the future that sometimes I could not keep up.  But I tried my damnedest to hold up my end of the bargain so to speak.  The school year was almost over and then I would be a Junior next year.  But when the summer finally arrived my life all changed and I did not ever think it could happen but it did.........












Chapter 1


The last day of school was boring just like every other day but,  I was happy cause I survived another year.  But my summer was gonna be boring too because both of my friends have started a family and me.....  I'm still single and I think thats the way its gonna stay. 

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