Never-Lover Boy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
When Teenager Tiffany Alvord moves into town and falls in love there is jealousy and anger in the mind of Zoe Schicksy. Tiffany and her Lover boy eventually get together and have to overcome the biggest catastrophe ever.

Submitted: December 31, 2012

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Submitted: December 31, 2012





Never-Lover Boy

By Harmony Barath.

Tiffany started at her new school after having to leave her old town because of declining sufficiency of food. Seeing as she was 16 it was slightly important for her to have friends. She had not yet met a person to call her friend but as she sat high in a tree for lunch, a boy who was in her grade spies her. He climbed up and sat next to her. Tiffany, not noticing Tristan, began to draw. Tristan could see great talent in her drawing but he also saw great sadness and made it his challenge to find her some friends.

 Tristan had a Japanese lesson, he sat down in a chair and immediately Zoe sat uncomfortably close to him. Zoe was more like a stalker than a pier and unfortunately she was in every single class with him. When Tristan was in the middle of his worksheet he heard a knock at the classroom door and so he went to answer it for the elderly teacher. There stood the amazingly beautiful Tiffany, Tristan beamed from ear to ear, like a child at Christmas. He opened the door to let her in Tiffany thanked him and went to speak to Miss Smith. Turns out Tiffany was put in the wrong class for her academic level and had to be moved up. Tiffany went and sat in the back row of two desks, Tristan saw the spare desk and jumped at the chance.

That lunch Tristan sat with Tiffany in their tree, but around 20 minutes in Zoe had to come and ruin it, she pulled him out of the tree and put her arm around him making it look as though they had been going out for ages even though they had never, ever gone out in their life. Tiffany was as in love with Tristan as he was with her, and seeing him with Zoe made her believe he wasn’t in love with her. Zoe took him behind the toilets and threatened to hurt Tiffany if he ever spoke to her again Tristan was certain that Zoe was bluffing so tossed the serious threat aside.

That afternoon, at the end of school, Tiffany had to walk out of town to her house, unfortunately Zoe had seen her leave and hatched a plan. Tiffany was almost home when Zoe came up and pinned her to the wall. “You leave Tristan alone he’s mine, well maybe not yet but he will be!” and with that outburst she walked off. Tiffany taken aback by her rage was definitely relieved that it was Friday. “So,” thought Tiffany “not yet hey? Let’s make that not ever! He deserves better than you and me.”

Tiffany had no idea how much Tristan loved her, Tristan decided that if she never knew that he would never get her. He was so depressed that he decided to join the army cadets to help concentrate himself on something other than Tiffany. The next day at school Tristan spoke to Tiffany about his choice to join the army cadets, Tiffany explained that if there was a really bad war than the army would take the cadets to fight with the soldiers, this definitely scared Tristan but he couldn’t say why he joined, that would be too embarrassing! Since Tristan told Tiffany something she thought she’d tell him about Zoe’s outburst the other day. Hearing the story Tristan was extremely enraged at Zoe’s childish behavior and decided to put it to an end! He told Tiffany that he was going to the toilet but instead went to find Zoe.

“You never ever talk to Tiffany like that! Do not touch her or I will never, ever talk to you ever again!” Tristan had Zoe pinned to the wall just like she’d done to Tiffany, Zoe sobbed as Tristan left but this was tossed aside with a shout of Suck it up princess, It’s called karma! That afternoon, when Tristan got home, he decided to make something for Tiffany just for what she’d gone through. He got 20 roses with a beautiful, purple bow. He was arranging them when there was a knock at the door, so Tristan went to answer it. Standing there was an incredibly sad and hurt Tiffany; Tristan rushed her inside and got her on the couch where Tiffany broke down crying. “It… it was her again,” she sobbed “but this time she had two men with her!” Tristan was even more enraged and knew that he’d have to talk to Zoe’s father about this he was the person that Zoe feared the most. Tiffany asked if she could stay at his house a few days until her bruises and cuts were gone because she knew her parents would over-react. Tristan agreed, passed her the phone and went to set up the spare room for her.

The next day Tiffany’s parents came over with some clothes. Tristan looked out the window saw her parents and told Tiffany to go to the room so that she wasn’t seen. Tiffany’s dad came to the door and handed Tristan the suitcase now Tiffany’s dad was one of those men who had the big muscles and looks like he could squash you in one second flat! “I’m john,” Tiffany’s dad said “you must be Tristan, we’ve heard a lot about you! Look after her okay?” “Yes sir!” answered Tristan a little intimidated by him and waved him off. When Tiffany came out she apologized for Tristan having to talk to her father but Tristan just smiled and told her not to worry.

The next day Tristan went round to Zoe’s before school to speak to her father so he rang the bell and waited. Unluckily Zoe answered the door, Tristan explained he wanted to talk to her father but Zoe refused to get him for Tristan but he had planned for this. “Mr. Smith! I need to speak with you, urgently!” Yelled Tristan and sure enough down came Mr. Smith shoving his daughter aside to invite Tristan in. Tristan explained to Mr. Smith about how his daughter had been treating Tiffany, luckily for Tristan and Tiffany Mr. Smith was very big on respect. After he was finished Mr. Smith thanked Tristan and showed him out, but Tristan caught the sight of Zoe being dragged off by the ear.

At school Zoe looked as angry as ever! Tristan made sure he was with Tiffany as often as he could to protect her. In the middle of their Japanese a loud siren went off, it was an air raid warning. The children ran to the safest building in the school. Tristan and Tiffany were the last two and to get revenge Zoe had locked them out! Tristan was shocked that she could do that, but luckily knew where a spare bomb shelter was and tugged Tiffany in that direction. Once inside the shelter Tiffany broke down, again Tristan wiped away her tears and told her they’d be fine. Tiffany looked into his eyes than rushed in for a hug crying even harder now. Tristan was taken aback but definitely enjoyed the hug whilst it lasted.

Tiffany managed to stop crying and explained that this meant he would have to go to war; he looked at him then burst out crying again. Tristan was trying to be brave but he could feel a few tears fall down his cheek and decided that now was the time. He lifted up her chin and kissed her. They only kissed for a few minutes, but to them it felt like an hour the only reason that they stopped was because Tiffany ran out of breath. Tristan slid tiffany into his lap and they sat there talking for hours whilst there were still signs of war planes in the air but eventually they both fell asleep.

When Tristan awoke tiffany was gone and there was a note on his leg. It read “I’ve gone back to your house meet me there? <3 Tiffany xox” Tristan ran to his house and saw tiffany just sitting on the couch reading his favorite book. Tristan slid next to her and put his hands around her. Tiffany looked up at him “good morning,” she said before kissing him on the cheek. “Did I snore?” Tristan questioned wondering why she left “yes, but it was a cute snore I left cause I was hungry” she answered. Tristan agreed and went to get some food. Tiffany followed him in and commented on the flowers in the vase.  Tristan quickly went to grab them and told her that they were actually for her.  

When Tristan woke up the next morning he found Tiffany on the edge of his bed with a letter in her hand crying “what’s wrong babe?” Tristan sat with her and saw who the letter was from and tears started flowing from his eyes as he held Tiffany in his arms. He dared not open but luckily Tiffany did it for him. After Tiffany read the page she cried even harder “no, no! You can’t go! I love you,” Tristan didn’t want to go to war, he wasn’t ready! They sat there for most the day crying and talking; until the phone rang Tristan answered and explained why they were away.

That afternoon was the dullest afternoon ever; Tristan had to pack for the war. Tiffany decided to get him something before he left but she couldn’t decide what. That night Tiffany led Tristan out blindfolded to a lovely spot by the lake Tiffany had set out a picnic in the moonlight with candles. There was a small glass box in the middle of the blanket, Tiffany picked it up and pulled out two necklaces. On them was half a love heart which could join together it said “I hate when you’re I away I want you back xox” written on each. They sat in the middle of the night talking and watching the stars.

Tristan left on the Wednesday and it was Tuesday; Tiffany spent the whole day crying silently at school along with Tristan. Tristan knew that he might not come back from the war and decided that he needed to ask Tiffany out but he didn’t know when. That lunch when they were sitting in the tree Tristan decided it was now or never so he inquired “um, uh, Tiffany? I was wondering if you would like to go out with me?” Tiffany just looked him in the eyes and nodded while crying. That was the happiest moment in Tristan’s life.

Today was the day, the day Tristan left. Tiffany was crying, so were her parents and Tristan. Tiffany and Tristan were wearing their necklaces, “I’ll never let you go,” whispered Tristan as he left to get on the plane. There were tears streaming down Tiffany’s face as she waved goodbye maybe for the last time. “I love you,” whispered Tiffany and then fell to the ground crying. Tiffany had to be taken home by her parents and she stayed home from school crying the whole day. She drew a million pictures of Tristan and the war.

Tristan was on the plane still crying, another child about his age came and sat next to him. “Hey. My names Sam what’s your name?” “Um I’m Tristan,” he mumbled. “Oh! You’ve obviously got a girlfriend, sorry bro,” apologized Sam. Tristan nodded to say yes, he pulled out his necklace and started playing with it. “Um man, I’m sorry to disappoint you but you’re going to be asked to take that off,” “I’ll put it in my pocket then,” he answered. From that plane trip Sam and Tristan became best friends.

“Soldier! No Necklaces!” Yelled the Lieutenant “sir, yes, sir!” answered Tristan putting the necklace in his pocket. When they reached the war ridden country the trenches were dug and all they had to do was to get there alive. When the Lieutenant gave the signal they ran, the adrenaline pushed Tristan forward but he was running out of energy. He looked down and saw his necklace in his pocket, the thought of Tiffany pushed him forwards to safety.

Back were Tiffany was at school an old friend had come to Town because of the food insufficiency. It was Tiffany’s best friend Harmony. Tiffany showed Harmony to the tree and explained the whole situation with Tristan; since Harmony was very emotional she was bawling her eyes out. When Tiffany pointed Zoe out to Harmony she walked right up to her and started yelling at her “Did you dare to hurt my friend? You know I have four brothers if someone said something about the other there would be huge fight! So you got something to say? Or are you to chicken!” Zoe just stood there shocked, Harmony laughed and walked off. She explained that after Tiffany left she was teased and so had to learn to stand up for herself.

Back at the war Tristan was sent out to fight before he left the trenches he ran screaming and shouting firing the gun to try and protect himself this didn’t work shot directly in this chest. He passed out and was taken back to the trenches for safety. Tristan was out cold for a week many thought he was dead but on Monday the 11 of December he woke up he looked around and freaked out thinking he was out on the field still after he calmed down he asked for the date and Sam told him “Oh my gosh! I’m missing her birthday! Oh my gosh!” Sam had to calm him down and then asked him if he knew how he survived. Tristan pulled out his necklace and kissed it “I have a little angel watching over me, it’s her birthday to what a coincidence!”

When Tiffany arrived home she found a letter in the mailbox, she pulled it out saw that it was from Tristan she screamed and ran inside to read it. Before Tiffany read it she decided call Harmony to talk to her about it. “Read it! Please can I hear?” pleaded Harmony, tiffany said she could and began to read.

‘To my dearest Tiffany, I truly believe that you are my guardian angel! Want to know why? I’ll tell you what happened, I was sent out of the trenches to fight. I was shot in the chest exactly on my pocket, guess what was in my pocket, the necklace! I would’ve been wearing it but I wasn’t allowed. The bullet had hit my necklace and gotten stuck, good quality! I was out cold for a week as the impact had shocked me but woke up on the 11/12 your birthday! I didn’t forget! I couldn’t, I woke up on your Birthday! Is that a coincidence or fate? Anyway love you babe can’t wait to see you again! Love Tristan.’

By the time Tiffany was finished reading both Harmony and Tiffany were in tears saying how sweet and lucky he was!

The next few days were hard for both Tristan and Tiffany but luckily they both had someone to talk to; Tiffany had Harmony and Tristan had Sam. The days in war were getting harder and harder, Tristan was starving but thinking of Tiffany made him happy he was still alive just so that he could see her face again. Tristan was about to be sent out on the field he grabbed out Tiffany’s picture and cried before leaving knowing this could be the last, he ran he could feel the bullets from enemy fire whizzing past him he was in so much fear! He never wanted this but he couldn’t back down, he never wanted to kill he just wanted something to take his mind off Tiffany!

Tristan made it back to the trenches just before a bullet crossed just above his head, a lucky move. He hadn’t been sent out for weeks so he just sat in the trenches writing and drawing but this made him cry as it reminded him of Tiffany. Whilst Tristan was crying Sam walked in “hey, bro you right? I know this is hard bud but we’ll make it through. Follow me I want to show you something!” Sam lead Tristan through the trenches to a clearing where there were Tombstones and the field was full of flowers “wow,” Tristan just stared and walked along, reading the stones until Sam said “look they said if  one more person dies or is even injured then us cadets are heading home! See there’s hope!” with this Tristan walked back to the trench and fell asleep.

Every day Tiffany was worrying and stressing over Tristan she most definitely did not want to lose him, all those sweet texts, talks and hilarious moments every single day! That would be her worst nightmares come true! She would feel so bad about it, thinking it was her fault and missing out on her whole life because of grief and guilt. School depressed Tiffany the only thing she looked forward to would be every Friday when she received her letters from Tristan, every Friday afternoon she would call harmony and read the letter. Even though she cried these moments were best of each week. One thing that cheered her up was playing her guitar as she had a million memories with it. Tiffany was a singer songwriter and had amazing talent! She sang for days on end, making up new songs just to make her happy!

At school Tiffany was just sitting in the tree with Harmony when Zoe came over and pulled threw three punches at her face and left her there. Harmony jumped out of the tree and walked up behind Zoe, grabbed her shoulder, turned her around and pinned her to the wall. “Hey! You never ever treat my friend like that! You want to see how it feels? Huh?” and with that Harmony threw three punches in her face, Zoe ran off to the toilet crying and holding her nose to stop the bleeding. Harmony ran over to Tiffany to tend to her face, “hey, hey Tiff! Look at me don’t you dare close those eyes ok? I can’t watch your breathing at the same time as your face!” she pulled out Tiffany’s bag and took out the picture of Tristan to hand to Tiffany. Out of her own bag Harmony got some tissues, a frozen water bottle and a wipe. She used the tissues to get Tiffany’s nose to stop bleeding, the water bottle for the bruises and the wipe to cool her face down as she was crying.

Tiffany stayed over at Harmony’s house for a few weeks so that her parents wouldn’t see her wounds. Whereas in the middle of the war Tristan was sent out to fight for a third time, remembering what Sam had said “If one more person dies or is even injured then us cadets are heading home” these words rang through Tristan’s head as he went out to fight. Dodging bullets was tricky and quite scary, this wasn’t like one of his games this was real life! There was no respawning! Remembering back to his mine craft hunger games h ran into the forest and climbed a tree to hide. His breathing was quite heavy because he was scared out of his wits! He heard a leaf crunch behind him, he started singing to himself quietly “He’s just another boy a never-never lover boy,” he knew these might be his last words so he added “I love you Tiffany!” there was a shot and then all went black.

The cadets were sent home another was hurt; this time it was Tristan it was unknown if he was alive or dead as he would breath for a few seconds and then stop. The alive cadets were sent onto the boat and some were sent to carry Tristan. The boat made it to the docks and then it was time to take the plane, when Tristan was laid out on a chair he was put next to Sam who had been looking for him ever since they were told that it was time to leave. Soon he gave up hope and went to introduce himself to the person beside him; he turned around and gasped, “Tri- Tristan? Oh my gosh!” Sam was freaking out the whole way; he decided to keep his hopes up in that he would wake up and so wrote a note saying “0429763274 call me from Sam.”

Once the plane had landed Tristan was put in an ambulance and rushed to hospital. Tiffany was hanging out with Harmony, they walked past the hospital that’s when Tiffany saw Tristan being rushed into hospital she dropped her things and ran inside with tears streaming down her face. “Please, please! That was my boyfriend can I see him please?” she was screaming and sobbing at the same time.  Harmony rushed in to calm her down and told her to wait until the doctors were finished and then she could see him.

Hours passed as Tiffany sat in the lobby waiting for the doctors to return. She had called Harmony’s and her own parents to tell them that they’d be staying overnight. Tiffany’s dad brought her music book and guitar, as soon as the receptionist saw them she asked if Tiffany would like to play. Tiffany agreed and sang her favorite song that she’d written from the war, Heartbreak. She had laid out her guitar case to get out her guitar and started to play, she didn’t notice that before some people passed they stopped and gave her some money; at the end tiffany was amazed that she’d received tips! She always knew she was a good singer, but she never imagined that she was that good! As soon as she had counted up the money the doctors returned and said she could see Tristan. Tiffany shoved the money into the doctor’s hands and ran to the elevator. Before Harmony went after Tiffany the doctor stopped her to say that Tristan could possibly have lost some of his memory.

Tiffany ran upstairs to see Tristan and slipped into his room, careful not to wake him she sat down and stared. She started to cry, she sat there crying and remembering all the good times until she became exhausted and fell asleep. When Tiffany awoke Harmony was standing beside her waiting for her or Tristan or her to awake. Harmony decided to sit Tiffany on the ground because she kept rocking the chair by accident and could fall off. Tiffany and Harmony knelt on the carpet; Harmony looked into Tiffany’s eyes and saw a tear roll down her cheek. Harmony wiped it away and as soon as it was gone Tiffany looked up and then crashed into Harmony’s protective hug and wept. Harmony reassured her that everything would be okay but Tiffany just kept on doubting. Tiffany spent the next week in the hospital with Tristan; Harmony brought her food and water every day to keep her well. On the Sunday of that week Tristan awoke! Tiffany looked into his eyes and smiled “hey, how are you doing?” she asked. “Who, who are you?” Tristan replied scared of the strange girl in his room “And why am I here?”

Tiffany called in the doctors’ than went outside to call Harmony to tell her the good and bad news. “But, the doctors’ said,” “I don’t care what the doctors’ said they were wrong! I, I’m sorry can you come here please?” Tiffany was aggravated and had lost her temper but she regretted it. Harmony agreed to come and as soon as she turned up Tiffany ran out with tears in her eyes and collapsed on the floor in front of Harmony. “Hey, bubba. Come on let’s get you some tea,” Tiffany nodded and let Harmony guide her down the hallways. The days passed on and Tristan could only remember the war and what happened there. He was allowed home and there was a welcome home party even though he couldn’t remember a single person there he still had fun. Tiffany came over regularly to check up on him; Tristan learnt her name but still couldn’t remember their special connection.

School was different even though Tristan sat with Tiffany and Harmony it just wasn’t the same. In Japanese Tiffany sat up the back where Tristan and she usually sat but Tristan went to sit up the front and was bombarded by Zoe who was trying to make him believe that they were dating. “Excuse me Tristan, but if you like I could show you where you normally sit,” said Tiffany trying to be very polite. Tristan agreed and followed Tiffany to the back two seats and sat down “I would never date a girl like her! Did I, did I really date her?” Tiffany laughed and shook her head no then she showed him all the cuts and bruises all over her body from Zoe. “Jeez, she seems uh very aggravated.” He said nodding in her direction Tiffany scowled and shrugged her shoulders answering Tristan with a simple “She’ll be right,” and giggled.

That lunch Tiffany pulled Tristan along to help her find Harmony, once they found her Tiffany whispered “Hey, code red!” Harmony laughed and ran alongside Tiffany and Tristan. The three ran down to the old bomb shelter and hid from Zoe. Tiffany told Harmony about the Japanese lesson and Tristan joined the other two who burst out laughing, little did he know that they were hiding the biggest secret from him. “so uh, if I wasn’t dating that Zoe girl, then who was I dating?” Tristan was incredibly confused with this subject. Tiffany looked at Harmony, who was looking at her watch.  “Well uh,” just then the bell rang and it was time to go to class.

Tristan had lost his memory for two months now and Tiffany was missing the old guy like crazy; He didn’t even know his own birthday! Tiffany and Harmony decided to conduct an experiment on Monday at school just to see if there was a chance of Tristan getting his memory back and reliving his old life. All day Monday Tiffany walked with Tristan to every single place they went at second lunch she slightly touched Tristan’s hand with hers and he immediately latched on. Tiffany got a rush of excitement looked up at Harmony and then winked; they both started giggling like crazy and Tristan was left to wonder what was going on.

Life had become hard for Tristan but that was expected; years and years went by Tiffany, Harmony and Tristan stayed friends and their lives seemed intertwined for eternity. Unfortunately on a gloomy winter day Tiffany got a letter, “this letter is to inform Tiffany Alvord that she has been accepted into the Art Academy of America and will need to be here in the next month.” Tiffany automatically started crying for joy and sadness; she ran inside and called Harmony to inform her about the move to America. “No! Tiffany but what about Tristan and-and me!” “I love you and Tristan but I have to! This has been my biggest dream ever you know that! I will come down every holiday, I promise!” With that the girls hung up.

The next week Tiffany was packing Harmony had come to help the best friends discussed memories and dreams. Harmony called Tristan and invited him over and together they stayed up all night with movies. It was the sadist moment of the three friends’ life there were tears galore and it wasn’t even the day Tiffany was leaving. Eventually the day came and Tiffany was at the airport, Harmony was bawling and Tristan was crying even though he didn’t remember the love that Tiffany and him held they were still good friends.

Tiffany reached the academy’s location and instantly felt lost, and ran inside the academy as fast as she could. As soon as she found her room she got in and began putting up pictures, setting up her easel and paints and began to paint. With her emotions spilling onto the canvas, she whirled the colours around to form the shape of three golden retriever pups. As she was adding the finishing touches a lady around the same age as Tiffany barged in. she had red hair in a bob cut, a string of pure white pearls strung around her neck and she wore so much make-up you would think her face was her canvas! “You could add more pink paint because that is a fabulous colour! By the way I’m madeleine,” she stated in a posh voice. “Uh I’m Tiffany,” replied Tiffany in her home town tone. “Why would anyone name their child that yuck!” retorted Madeline. Tiffany figured she would be out of the dorms as often as possible.

Back at the small country town Tristan and Harmony became rather depressed as they missed their best friend. They would both go to work every day than go to the park together to discuss things. One Thursday Harmony asked Tristan, “Hey, did you ever get your things back from the war?” Tristan thought for a while than shook his head, “no, no I didn’t I wonder what we would find in there! I’ll send the base an e-mail about it. It would take a while to get here though.”

Tiffany was ace of her class in the Academy in theory and practical work; she was having a blast! The professor set them an overnight task of creating a piece of artwork that means something to them but isn’t obvious to others. Tiffany found this to be a great opportunity to express how much she missed her best friends. As soon as she got back to the dorms she started her artwork she prepared her canvas and designed everything. She painted her backyard with a table and three chairs representing her, Harmony, Tristan and the war. When she took it to class the next day no one could work out what it meant and so Tiffany explained everything.

 On the December holidays Tiffany came back home to celebrate her twenty-third birthday with her best friends. When she arrived it was the 1st of December and the streets were filled with Christmas lights; everything was magical but the streets seemed almost deserted. When Tiffany arrived at her house she found the keys to unlock the old wooden door, then stepped inside her cozy cottage and flicked on the lights. “Surprise! Welcome home Tiffany!” half the town was standing there in her lounge room. Tiffany started crying for joy when out jumped Harmony and Tristan, “welcome home bub, we missed you.” The group of three huddled together in a tight hug whilst the others quietly filed out the front door. The next day Tiffany, Harmony and Tristan decided to decorate Tiffany’s house for Christmas. Whilst they were decorating the tree Tiffany decided to tell Harmony and Tristan that she had to leave on the 21th. “What? So soon!” blurted out Tristan Tiffany just nodded her head to answer yes. The three finished the decorations in silence.

Finally the 11th of December came Tiffany jumped up out of bed to the smell of pancakes cooking she smiled got changed and ran downstairs. There stood Tristan wearing an apron that said ‘kiss the cook’ so Tiffany ran over to Tristan and kissed him on the cheek. Tristan laughed and gave her a huge bear hug and yelled “happy birthday bub!” Harmony ran through the door holding around about ten presents all for Tiffany. “You guys!” Tiffany exclaimed and they spent the rest of the day watching Christmas movies, eating popcorn, chatting and eventually they all crashed on the couches.

The day had come it was the 20th Tiffany, Harmony and Tristan were packing Tiffany’s bags for the academy and taking down the decorations. Putting away the photos was the hardest part there were tears coming from everyone’s eyes and there were memories being spoken about. It was as if they would never see Tiffany again! Tiffany was getting presents from almost everyone in town! People who hardly knew her were giving her cards and wishing her luck until it was finally night and Tiffany went to sleep. Tiffany was woken up by her alarm the day had come; time to leave her beloved town. She went to the airport and boarded her plane; Waving at her old town as the plane lifted off.

The next day Tristan received a package from the army; it was his things from the war. Tristan called Harmony and she came round his house as quickly as possible “show me! Show me! I want to see!” she squealed with excitement; Tristan sighed closed his eyes and opened the box slowly. When his eyes opened he saw his diary Harmony picked it up and flicked through the drawings of Tiffany. “Wow, you really liked her” she breathed but Tristan didn’t listen. He took out his old uniform visions flashed back through his mind he closed his eyes and shook his head to try and get rid of them. He picked up his uniform’s shirt upside down and something metal fell out. Tristan looked down and picked up the necklace and the slit of paper that were sitting on the floor, “oh my gosh! We have to go to the academy! I have to get my girlfriend back!” he exclaimed. Harmony grinned and went to pack her things. Once Harmony and Tristan were on the plane Tristan took out the slit of paper and read it. He immediately called Sam and told him the game plan.

Back at the academy there was a huge Christmas party but halfway through there was a power outage. People were beginning to go home but the head didn’t want them to leave just yet so Tiffany stepped up to the stage with her guitar. One of the teachers grabbed two megaphones one for Tiffany’s guitar and one for her voice. Everybody was heading for the doors until they heard the first chord of Tiffany’s song choice. Tiffany decided she would sing “All I Want for Christmas is you” and at first she started quietly because she was unsure of her audience but once everyone started to get into it she began to enjoy herself and she sang Christmas carols for the rest of the night even when the power came back on.

Seeing as Tiffany’s roommate wasn’t coming back until the 1st Tiffany had the whole Christmas to herself. She started to decorate the dorms on the 22nd and on the 23rd she baked some gingerbread men. On the 24th she finished wrapping up her presents and sent out the invitations to her “tiny little dorm party!” finally Christmas and the day of the party had come Tiffany was very busy because of this. The music was Tiffany, the catering was Tiffany and she had also bought everyone presents with her hard earned money.

It was a beautiful white Christmas with friends and all but one thing was missing her two best friends. It was time for the last song of the night and since she was missing Tristan so much she decided to dedicate “All I Want for Christmas is you” to him. It was the last half of the song when Tiffany’s door burst open. There stood Harmony, Tristan and a strange guy Tiffany didn’t know. “Tristan? Why, why are you here?” Tiffany asked. He ran over to her and lifted her into a hug and twirled her around “I know who I was dating,” he said and then pulled out his necklace, “it brought my memory back!” Tiffany squealed as Tristan got down on one knee whilst pulling a ring out. “Tiffany, will, will you marry me?” he stammered. Tiffany nodded and let the ring be slid onto her finger. Everyone in the squealed with excitement “but before anything else, who’s that?” Tiffany questioned nodding at Sam, “Oh! That’s my friend from the war, that’s Sam!” everyone laughed as Sam pulled a funny face. Next year Tiffany’s roommate changed rooms so that Tristan could live with Tiffany, as they planned the long awaited wedding.

© Copyright 2020 HarmonyBarath. All rights reserved.

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