It's Time

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I've had a go at writing a sonnet, It's my first attempt, but always worth a try.

Submitted: April 07, 2013

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Submitted: April 07, 2013




Its Time


Conscious  and awake all the time, living breathing consuming, a friend to animals, pets and humans, providing a place to go. Time is no object, life is vast. I've been with you most of my life. You've deceived me,hurt me and shown your true colours. Made me desperate to see you when i've been away, I get sick of you but will always need you. If only you were more simple, if only I could get more for the amount I put in


I spend every waking moment with you, i know you so well, you have seen me at my best and my worst. Known me since i was a child, nurtured me watch me grow, oxygenated my lungs and made me feel loved. Through out the year your hot and cold to keep me on my toes. Watched me cry in my darkest hour when no one else was there, allowed me time to get back on my feet,saying nothing in the words of criticism but still never encouraged.


Together we have watched so many fall, I'm sad that they are lost. You have ways of breaking people, and at the same time a way of connecting people. There are places on you I wouldn't touch with a barge pole, especially at certain points of the day, how can you be so run down but elegant. Parts of you I can see no matter where I am, I will complain about you for hours and you will never not want to see me.


You are like the lover, who is bad for me but I always come back, you understand me for who I'am, playing on my weaknesses, tugging on my heart strings. sharing my love and passions, but so diverse i will never be into all the things you like. Sadly you will out live me, like so many before. You are fickle and strange, you have been with way too many people, a beautiful but dirty tramp. There are people who cleanse you, and repair your looks, you will always be distinguished, and graceful, I love you more in the summer. Without you I would have never formed friendships with the people I love.


So will I ever leave you only time will tell, but you are my beautiful city, the woman I know so well……

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