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It's a small piece, on the fact that mid-life crises doesn't exist, especially when people at the age of 30 are putting that they are having a mid-life crisis on social net working sites; get a grip people.....

Submitted: March 20, 2013

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Submitted: March 20, 2013





I've been toying with the definition of mid-life crisis, if we have no idea when are demise 
will be, then how can we say that we are at the mid point. Surely mid-life crisis is the discovery of are own mortality, or to learn that you have no longer a leeway to peoples opinions. Such as… being a flirt at work 18-28 cute acceptable ? 30-45 creepy and weird. Getting out of bed having a strip wash and slightly messing your lovely thick locks 18-28 passable, 30-45 he\\she's having a breakdown.

So i think its more the battle to say "I'm still young", "i can be still classed as cool". Or in my pedantic way i like to call it "cool quote un-cool", now i probably like to use this sentence as a defence barrier to say i'm happy with not been cool, but really i'm just as devastated as everyone else.

And further more this has made me think more into my home life when i was a teenager. I'm sure that the hard time your parents give you, apart from being worried about your general well being, that a little bit of jealousy is there, that you are living an amazing chapter of your life, and they are not!…

Now even though i am only at the second tick box age of my life, and by that i mean; 18-25,25-35,35-45 and so on. I can say that the 18-25 bracket was the most fun i've ever had, my thirties i can't say i care for so much "dose it get any better ?". Only time will tell….

It's funny that all through are younger years we wish are life away wanting to be older, and when we become older we can't help but apply are A.B.S brakes, to find out the pads are worn down by old age. So what do we do in these desperate times apart from dress younger, go out to night clubs were we look completely indigenous. because to the trained eye of the kids from the breakfast club,this is what we look like. 

I'll be honest with you the last time i went out i drank so much i fell asleep in a chair, "Rock and roll". Now can anyone say they did this in there 18-25 bracket, i don't think so. I would understand if i was paralytic drunk but unfortunately, that was not the case. But you could say i have managed to keep a part of my youth, not knowing my limits when consuming alcohol. I have been drinking now for fifteen years, and you would have thought i would have some sort of self control by now. 

So i guess the question is, is it a mid-life crisis ? or is it the fact that we are upset, that the person we look at in the mirror is not the same person we saw ten years ago?…. 

I Will leave you with one more bleak thought, People "say age is just a number" which is correct and i can live with that. But ageing of the face and body is unbearable. Unless your Morgan Freeman who just has a face that has not aged in 15 years, "Bastard".


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