The Covering of Our Hearts

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This is a book is about the masks we wear. Some cover our shame and our vainglory. sadly some cover our joy for fear of rejection and embarrasment.

Submitted: March 19, 2010

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Submitted: March 19, 2010



the mask of ignorance

upon will dose the fire burn.

a lie nay a pox on the truth of our idenities...

it makes us reel in terror.

with in the heart is the authentic version of all pathetic folk.

the phrases of reality hurts the hopes of dishonesty.

stupidity walks among us but it is by our own insipid place...

which are lost dreams fueled by facade.


a will to divulge a time to kill.

talking in tones of illfated joy, with a heart to be still.

There is some coldness for an idol stone.

There are souls to bend and minds to moan.

Peasent fruit, your sensuality is an enigma and it makes me astounded...

But your peace by sadness is somewhat surrounded.

for such opulent thievery is drenched by worldliness.

There for the heart of wealth makes you cringe in emptiness.

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