The Words I Speak

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The words I speak is about the embarassment I feel when people mock the way I interact with people.

Submitted: April 05, 2010

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Submitted: April 05, 2010



talks of nothing

what "want" withers to greed or sadness to blessed things.

how dose the mind grow in the soil of stagnant bliss.

to peace the grass dies and to idocy rage consumes.

spots of sickness abounds in the quasi-innocence ofa spiritual hope.

we all make fists to soothe the restless and to the black of night we flee.

of fire dose goodness consume and unto lies do we conquor the blameless.

tears is the religion of the strong but joy is the prophet of those who were once sad.

I have so many headaches in all my words that make no sence.

all my words are obtuse and confusing.

so is the foolish ways of my verse.

It and She

There is a grace and andpeace of amore'.

There is a life, in allthejoy of it's grandure.

Whoshall challenge it's reverence and not be proven wrong.

I see hernow wet with the showersof hope, yet she is troubled.

It walks in her dreams and even then she is led to weep.

She dances in civility but it has taken allfor granted.

Though this is of it's youth it is torturted by such memories .

Tomove on would be tranquil, but guilt screams at him at the top of it's lungs.

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