Missing in Bendigo

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Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012



A tiny robin red breast sung out from a shrub in the lush garden. It was spring time and the garden was ablaze of colour ranging from the bright orange of the snapdragons that lined the path, to the patch of intense yellow sunflowers that although stood high in the corner of the property, still added to the rainbow of colours. The three storey Victorian manor house stood tall over the garden and created a delightful shaded area where a young woman was sat in a garden chair, taking in the fresh air. She held a delicate floral tea cup with saucer in her hand and every now and then she sips the hot tea. Inside the house a telephone rings and is soon answered by a young maid. After a couple of minutes she walks briskly out of the house and hurries over the lady. “Excuse me Lady Aldgate, that was your niece Miss Annabel on the telephone, she asks if you could get on the 10 o’clock train tomorrow for Ballarat, but she didn’t say why, just that its urgent.” “Thank you Lucy, this is very strange!” the lady replied. “I will pack your bags immediately.” Lucy exclaimed and hurried back into the house.

The railway clock strikes 10 o’clock just as the train stops at the station. Lady Aldgate and Lucy pick up their bags and step inside the carriage that is closest to them. A steward pulls them aside and asks for their tickets, they present them and follow him to a cabin in the next carriage. Lady Aldgate scans the room, noticing the expensive wood panelling, the Thomas Eakins style paintings and the ceiling light in the cabin that casts obscure shadows around the 9 by 5 foot room. She turns to her right and walks over to a luggage rack that is standing tall against the wall. She places the dark brown leather trunk on it, that creates a loud thud that resonates around the room, bouncing off the oak panelling on the far wall.

After getting changed, Lady Aldgate and Lucy walk up to the dining car for lunch. They had only had breakfast a couple of hours prior, but they were quite exhausted from the morning's events. \"I wonder why going to Ballarat is so urgent that Annabel could not explain the reason for it?!\" stated Lady Aldgate. \"Although it has been awhile since we last saw each other, maybe she just wants me to visit and saying that it's urgent is the only way she can get me to, she does know that I do not like that husband of hers. Everyone and everything deserves the chance that they can be a friend, but he's had too many chances.\"

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Missing in Bendigo

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