Marxism, What?

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A concise article explaining why Marxism sounds good on paper.

Submitted: April 16, 2011

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Submitted: April 16, 2011



It is the summer of 1920 and I lay here on my bed writing and writing about the atrocities that have been taking place in the Western Societies of Europe. Since the spur of the industrial revolution and the improvements in irrigation have resulted in a nation that has arrogant high class industrialists taking advantage of the hard working middle class; the works of capitalism has been demonstrated here. Oh is it in our nature to be capitalists, why do we humans have an appetite for greed; oh why is it in our nature to be like this. I ask myself, can we better than this ego driven id in our psyche that forces us to be naturally capitalists. There were great men in history who have rebelled against and fought for the rights of the deprived middle class; some of these men were Vladamir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, Che Guvera, Mao ZaoDeong and many more. They were men who developed an ideology called Marxism; a school of thought where the existence of class and greed can be diminished. Unfortunately, as history has shown us in the future-- that the concept of Marxism will never work due to the evolutionary behavior of greed, corruption, and division. The fall of the Soviet Empire resulted in the end of Marxism but luckily a new superpower has emerged to take on the role of being the savior of Marxism, a vast nation called China. Through history, it is obvious that numerous wars are a result of the internal and personal conflicts between members of high society; the imperialist wars, Iraq war, Vietnam war are examples. A nation that is the sole enemy of Marxism, America deserved defeat from the Viet Cong. As I lay here on my bed justifying Marxism, I myself am a Capitalist, it is in my nature to be greedy.


The works of a high man

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