color and its perception..

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just thinking about the perception of color

Does everyone see colors alike? And if they do then one then must question why numerous people all painting the same scene will employ such different colors. With the obvious exception of color blind and other sight deficiencies or abnormalities, the light reflected on the eye and the consequent image perceived in the mind is equal in respect to color and shade.
Conversely, the perception of color doesn’t only rely on the image perceived but also the impression that it creates on the path from the optical nerves to the brain.
It is in this that the colors are differentiates. An example of this that we have all experienced is when we are looking at something but haven’t seen it. This occurs when your mind is preoccupied or when you are unprepared for such a sighting. The result of this process is that the image we see is reliant on the conditions under which we see it.
When we are in a happier frame of mind, or mood, we see colors as substaintially brighter then that when we are in a low mood.
Another key aspect that has a large affect on the way colors are perceived is the contrasting colors around them. if for instance you take a sapphire blue section and surround it with a rich yellow, it will look very blue. However if you surround it with a deep blue it will look rather like a shade of green. The same principal applies for other colors similarly; a crimson red on a yellow background will appear red, but replace the yellow with a blue and you will be left with a orange hue to the former red.
Akin to this contrast is a grey background. If you have red on a grey backing it will have the effect of making the grey seem cold, but if you have blue on grey, it has the opposite effect, with the grey seemingly warm in contrast to the cold nature of the blue.
People have become to relient on what the have learnt in regards to color. For instance, if your friend is wearing a white shirt, and then you go into a room that is lite by a blue light, if you were to be asked what color their shirt was you would say white. But how can this be right? In this instance the shirt would surely be blue and this should be aknowledge in order to paint it realistically. This mistake is most offten seen when painting grass. People have been brought up with the knowledge that grass is green, but this is not always true. For how can a color remain the same when it is lite by yellow sun as when it is lite by blue sky? When we view a field of grass, with its blades still wet from the morning dew, we don’t see a purely green field, but instead the blueish grey that is created by the sky being reflected of each individual drop of moisture. And in this we relise that color is prejudiced by the light that it is viewed in.
This having been said, adhering to the full truth of color, is not nessecarily advantageous. By changing on color for another, espress your emotions more vividly, create a stronger mood or sense of feel.
Colors are a stimulus to the senses. Our senses are most agitated by the juxtaposition of secondary and primary colors, i.e. placing colors with their complementary pair like blue with orange or red with purple. Whereas tertiary colors and shades of greys call for emotions of a more peaceful and discreet nature.
All colors can be used together. When colors seem to clash, we can adopt one of the principals from music and gradually work it into the harmony.

Submitted: November 28, 2009

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Hmm..this was interesting. Nicely done!


Sat, November 28th, 2009 8:02pm


cheers, i hope it made sense it was just a random thought i had and normally if sometihng makes sense to me it wont to anyone else lol :)thanks for reading it :)

Sat, November 28th, 2009 6:18pm


claire, honestly you have the weirdest thoughts... lol ily :Pxox

Wed, March 17th, 2010 4:38am


ahah you love it ;) x

Tue, March 16th, 2010 11:29pm

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