thinking of u

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i couldnt say it so i wrote it

Submitted: December 01, 2009

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Submitted: December 01, 2009



im sitting here reading what you wrote

and im hateing everyword

you want to know what im thinking?

fine here it is

every part of me is screaming at me to hold you and never let go

to reach out and touch you

to grab you and kiss you and make you mine

i look at you and think how perfect you are,

how beautiful, how cute, how hypnotic

i think about you every second of everyday

wondering what youd do if you knew what i was thinking

i lay awake at night thinking about you

i wonder if you every think about me, but then scorn myself for the foolishness of such wishes

i think about how much i love you, and how i want to be with you

i hate myself for these desires but i cant help it

your my everything, your all that matters

you talk about how wishes are pointless

and christ i know how you feel

i wish every moment of everyday that i could be the one for you

but im not and these endeavours are futile.

but all the same i hope like hell you dont mean it

im praying that you dont turn your back on hope

though to say you have to hope would be hypocrasim

ive turned my back on hope, it betrayed me and ill never feel it again

they told me to hope, that quote" 35% chance shell like you"

"just admit it, itll be better"

but christ they were wrong

but then again, i must admit

although this love will inevitablly see my death

its given me something to live for and i will treasure that for always.

im scared of the holidays, pathetic i know

but when im away from you even for a day im dead

i need you near me, i need to hear your voice

i now im going away but i hope i can see you before and after

though i doubt it...

and i want to get to know you

your my best friend and i know next to nothing about you.

and i think about how stupid and selfish i am

your the best friend i ever had, the best person ive ever known

and im throwing that away all because i want more

people ask why i love you

and i struggle to answer, it cant be summed up in mear words

i love you because your so perfect

your so warm, so kind, so pure, so smart, so funny, so beautiful, so real

your smile brings light to my life, your laugh rings through my mind like the sweetest music

my soul purpose in life is to make you happy, to hear that laugh and see that smile

youve always been there for me

you forgive all the wrongs i do

you taste in music is second to none :)

i love everything about you

how your beautiful, cute, and hot all at the same time

your personality is just the best

and thats why i love you

so there you have it, thats what im thinking

every second

of everyday

im thinking of you love.

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