Can You Forgive Me For Not Hating Jews?

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Intelligence and Stupidity Examined

Submitted: November 07, 2008

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Submitted: November 07, 2008



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Can You Forgive Me

For Not Hating Jews?

By H. Rensby

Full disclosure: Not only do I fail to hate Jews. Some I like.

Should I apologize? It appalls me, the relentless anti-Semite spiels I have witnessed commonly from fellow Caucasian Canadians. In Thailand, where I’ve lived a lot, I meet Americans and Europeans who mouth that same derisive denouncing.

It’s true, I am not an accredited demographic surveyor, nor a historian, nor a lawyer. As a mere, conscious person, may I share a troubling pattern observed?

Our focused-on group view themselves as liberal, educated, enlightened, tolerant, good citizens. They are aware it is not politically correct, it would be self-inauthenticating, to say the word kike, without smiling. That would be almost as bad as to dis Islam, wouldn’t it?

Countless times have I listened to such citizens denounce Israelis and the dark Zionist influence on American foreign policy, denounce those Jews, denounce them with major authority of some sort. Perhaps it would be fair enough if those affected righteous condemnations were based on facts and logical analysis.

Certainly I would be a fool and zealot to impute that Israel, and every Israeli Jew in every moment, has behaved ideally. I do deplore every act of gratuitous violence, unfairness, and bad manners.

To illustrate, Canada stood valiantly against Evil in this world from 1939. Upon the liberation invasion of Europe, some of our soldiers committed rape. That was vile and criminal—but it did not discredit Canada’s cause, nor did our minority of criminals to any degree justify Hitler and his legions.

I do not pretend to know in detail how the original 500,000 Palestinian refugees fled their homes in newly reinstated Israel. Didn’t that happen soon after the UN partitioned the former Ottoman colony, the poly-ethnic territory latterly called Palestine? Didn’t those half million of the Arab inhabitants flee new Israel when the militaries of surrounding Arab states invaded, to “drive the Jews into the sea”? That was about two years after Hitler went down, wasn’t it?

The German-led Hitler forces had been only 50% successful in eliminating all Jews from this planet. In systematically genocide-ing them, Hitler and his animated supporters failed to nail Einstein, the progenitors of Bob Dylan, Woody Allen, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, the numerous young Jew Yorkers who were bedeviled, and some murdered, in the  uncivil war for blacks to vote in Dixieland. The Hitlerites in fact failed to eliminate the progenitors of a good number of world-class scientists, doctors and dentists, Lenny Kravitz, that 17-year-old zaftig girlfriend of Jerry Seinfeld, the well-known Zion elder Barbara Streisand, Amy Winehouse, and the other six million. Um, is that math correct?

Israel-denouncers I have encountered seem all to believe that Israel was created of land confiscated from Palestinian Arabs, to dump refugee Jews from World War Two. The popular annihilation-advocate, the current president of Iran has invoked that shameful bark of propaganda, appealing to sound-bite buying, disturbed mindless: Why should Muslims pay for Europe’s guilt?

Is it I propagandizing a lie, or is it the historical fact: 500,000 of the 600,000 Jews of 1947 Israel were born there. The majority of the Jewish influx following Israel’s third reincarnation came from nearby Muslim countries. They fled from hyperactive pogroms, especially in Iraq, and they numbered more than 500,000.

Does my recall deceive, or was Jordan the largest of the countries newly defined by the UN, Jordan allotted what we call the West Bank? (With all those ancient Hebrew Brahmin holy sites.) Israel, the only actual nation state that had ever existed in that territory, and twice, was resurrected by the UN. Gaza was again entrusted to good old Egypt, wasn’t it?

The 500,000 Arab speakers who fled from new Israel, and the greater number of regional Jews who fled to it, could have been a simple population exchange.

So why six decades of sizzling hate, virtually using the German Nazis’ propaganda materials, perpetuated, villainous ugliness and killing, why?

For sure, the behavior of Jewish Israelis has often fallen short of Buddha’s and Jesus’ teachings and exemplars. My behavior in this world has fallen short too, especially when I’m attacked. How about you?

It is sickening, deplorable, the protracted, uncomfortable frustration suffered in the West Bank and Gaza under Israeli military containment from 1967. But, we people who want to have a liberal-minded, intelligent (i.e. non-bestial) opinion of that deplorable situation, we must honestly ask: Who created, and who has perpetuated, the suffering of Palestinians? That is, the majority of them. Who forced the Israelis—if they would insist on not being exterminated—who forced Israel into the prolonged, painful, costly, bad-face jailer position?

Being conscious and able to do simple sums, I feel I must question my Israel-bashing acquaintances: Who has vehemently refused the original half million ex-Israel Palestinian refugees, and their offspring, now swollen to over three million, who has systematically, oppressively forbidden their integration in the area countries, where all but the elderly of them were born and have lived their lives? Every time a government of Israel and moderate, civilized Palestinians have again, again tried to give peace another chance, who has consistently attacked, exploded, made impossible every peace beginning?

For those who need a clue: It was not Israel.

For one recent example, Israel, long unable to find an honest peace partner, since the Carter-brokered, unbroken peace with Egypt and Jordan, whereupon Egypt got its land back (Jordan’s King Hussein renounced the West Bank as part of Jordan after Arafat’s big-time banditry, remember), Israel long unable to find a legitimate Palestinian peace partner, Israel unilaterally withdrew her military forces, and rabid settlers, from Gaza. In response to that, Israeli voters popularly elected a new government—whose only platform was immediate withdrawal from the West Bank, infinite peace between Israel and sovereign Palestinian states. In reaction to that pushy Israeli, serial peace-giving, who provocatively invaded Israel? Who murderously invaded and took hostages? Who made war—on two brutal fronts?

If we are awake and aware, cognitive and objective, it is real clear. The unholy Middle East situation is primarily the work of fiery Islamo-nazis.

Is the word offensive? Is the word more offensive than the fact of it?

When I ask the above of Israel-denouncers, I speak in context of telling facts and rational analysis to support my quite apparent thesis.

Yes, I am no Einstein, nor King Solomon, nor Warren Buffet; my facts and logic can be expected to be less than ultimate stellar truth. There may well be further facts and logic more sophisticated than my transparent observations. Yet, you see, our focused-on phenomenon, that fat slice of Western, professed tolerant liberals, who denounce besieged Israel, that faction of self-professed empathetic citizens, they are consistent—in my observations of such vocal persons over decades—those people are consistent in that they offer zero facts, zero logic in counterpoint. They are wise enough to offer no attempt at rational contradiction to obvious truth.

No, to established facts and transparent logic, the Israel-denouncers respond with silent, defiant smirks. Obvious to them, I miss the point, which I guess they can’t politically correctly state.

Those self-righteous citizens do offer, do proclaim stunning distortions and outright hateful, lunatic lies, such as: Israel is a theocracy, and so intolerant, no non-Jew is allowed to live there; the Israel theocracy’s guiding mission is to eradicate Islam, to begin. When one points out to such outraged, righteous proclaimers that some actually true facts, easily checked, are: More than a million Israeli citizens, a very substantial minority, are not Jewish; most Jews are not religious; non-Jewish Israeli citizens have more democratic and human rights, especially women’s rights, than Muslims enjoy in any of the Muslim-majority countries—the Israel-denouncers offer no counter-arguments, no facts to defend their invalid accusations. They may, however, and often do utter loud (but otherwise unsubstantiated) further denunciate assertions, delivered with intimidating, superior manner.  

Yeah sure, the tooth set Hitler free of post-jungle debate.

Okay, I confess, when I said zero civilized counterpoints have been made to me by Israel-denouncers, that wasn’t strictly true. An old colleague in letters did proffer an argument: It is contemptible of the Israeli Jews, they do not encourage military careers for Israeli citizens who are Hamas/Hezbollah admirers. Talk about prejudice, eh? Obviously, Israel merits condemnation on human rights at the UN, by Sudan, N. Korea and Pakistan, Saudi, Mugabe, Razz-Putin, and their club.

The most grievous insult to intelligence I have serially suffered from such citizens is—and they proclaim like a brilliant, gotcha revelation: The Israelis are Nazis.

Isn’t it strange to witness a face that says such a thing? To a body-mind-persona creature that would give mouth to such an assertion, it is pointless to offer a sea of facts and their intelligent sequence.

But of course, no such scarlet-neck would continue reading this, so, to you honest reader, if this poor writer may indicate:

If the Jewish Israelis were Nazis, the million-plus Arab citizens of Israel, multi-millions of Arabs of surrounding nations, and many Iranians, too, surely would have been  exterminated, 40 years ago, wouldn’t they?

(Yeah, and listen, you goys, we’d be getting such bargains on energy, oil vey. [Don’t go too far; no soap jokes, please.])

Are those jokes sick? Hey:

People who would label Nazi those who are in fact actually high on the extermination list of real Nazis, such derisive distortion has precedent: sadistic regimes of The USSR and North Korea inserting into their official, national names the word Democratic. Hmm, why would they feel the need to lie so big-time and perversely?

So, as a simple seeker of small-t, factual truth, and a person who desires to be moral, one must enquire: How can we, truthfully, explain this puzzling, troubling phenomenon? Really, why do so many Westerners, who profess themselves open-minded and humanistic, why does that thick faction of bourgeois citizens—they animated with indignant attitude of moral superiority—citing stunning ignorance and perverse lies—why do they feel such need to condemn Israel/Jews? Why does that faction of Westerners advocate that the world be way, way over-fair in support of extremist Islamic, striving genociders of all Jews? Hmmm.

In seeking an honest, a true explanation of this disturbing conundrum, here’s a parallel consistent fact, from observing numerous cases over decades: Never is it the more intelligent, learned, capable, witty, artistic, subtle, never the more worthwhile Caucasians of my acquaintance, never is it the brighter people I meet who denounce Israeli Jews. When those more refined individuals express their opinions of Israeli and/or American conduct in the Middle East, they state their views with facts and logic, never base rancor spewed at Jews.

Such brighter Caucasians may speak of inexcusable, proliferated Israeli settlements deep in the West Bank. They may point to obscene benefits to elite American stakeholders in the oil and weapons industries, derived from Middle East heightened tensions. I must concur with honest, good points of intelligent argument. Rational persons can respectfully hold different views of the width of the big picture and of apportioning relative blame.

Now here’s the third stripe of our stark pattern. Jews, a considerable number of whom I have met in my already-long life, have been something like, in my estimation, on average, 20% more intelligent than the Anglos and Caucoid Europeans.

So, to summarize our stark pattern: 1) Jews are mostly noticeably smarter than mediocre Western people; 2) brighter Westerners do not express condemnation of Israeli Jews—or any Jews as such—and do not indulge in hateful, dishonest assertions; 3) a significant faction of less bright Westerners commonly does so.

Is the motivation of that latter category of Westerners as pathetically obvious as it seems? We needn’t be Einstein or Christ to perceive: Just about every Jew those (sub)mediocre honkies have ever encountered has been obviously brighter than them. Even hillbilly types who limit themselves to low-tier provincial environs, the 15th-rate Jews thereabouts make those honks feel conspicuously dimwitted by comparison. Of course that’s not a nice feeling. The pitiable rubes are bright enough to know they cannot suavely denounce Jews as such. So as a way for their outraged egos to strike back, 16th raters denounce Israel, for bogus, unreasoned reasons.

Is this analysis accurate? Are such people as bestially simple, as bacterial, as metastasic as that? Well, I think some cure is needed.

Let’s consider the classic Nazis example. In the 1920s and onward the Hitlerites proclaimed themselves Europe’s master race. It was problematic to their theory: They could not compete with Jews in the arts, academia, and commerce. What was the Nazis’ banal solution?

You see, intelligent Aryan-Germans could succeed along with their Jewish-German peers, Aryans such as Herman Hesse and Fritz Lang, who, like Einstein, dodged the Nazi predators. Then there’s that most honorable and quite long list, the good Germans whom the Nazis exterminated.

Simply put, I must confess: I am intolerant of hateful prejudice against Israel, which is but spiteful expression of dimwit resentment against Jews’ cleverness. You see, my prejudice is against hateful dullards. Woe to have to listen to such time- and life-wasting boneheads’ polluting pronouncements. In opposition to such persons, I value, I treasure, I delectate minds that are expressive of clear intelligence, whether the person be Indian or Chinese, Iranian-American, Jewish, Nordic, Egyptian or Greek, or our patient observers off-planet. Thanks.

© Copyright 2019 Harry Rensby. All rights reserved.

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