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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
inner conflict of human nature, its properties and the reason there is human existence and suffering

Submitted: August 07, 2012

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Submitted: August 07, 2012



"I need a car, I need a plane. i've got this picture, I need to frame.

I need someone to be with me. I feel alone, I hate this place

I consider you a true friend but in this crowd, do I blend?

Oh Yes, I thing I am setting the trend!

I don't know if we are there, I am not sure you are the one

Hey Grace, I think I need some time and a bit more space"


"Why do they try and control me, I am not one of those wannabe

To me this world is a wonderful place, I enjoy every moment

Can't  you see the smile on my face?

I believe in God and speak the truth. I am living my life, like I should

Though this society has hurt me the most, still I am the bravest

I am so strong, I live in the moment and carry on.

I love the people around me, its easy.

What more there can be?

I am the modest, people call me Grace 

i do no harm, i spread the charm"


"STOP RIGHT THERE- You're a false alarm and all along you have been wrong

You have no mercy, you're driven by greed

You try and control and make them bleed

You're both partners in this dreadful game, all you've been searching is money and fame

Sucked up in your desire, you burn like fire

You fear the future and run from the past

You keep stocking what you know wouln't last.


You talk about love and the gods you innate but cheat and survive in the name of fate

The one that haunts you is the ghost you believe the most and you keep on chanting-

"Have Faith In The Diety- The Supreme Host"

You've never lived and you won't let live, you seek revenge for what they forgive

You don't know yourself and form opinion of others and stab'em in the back calling'em brothers


You are the hypocricy, you are the disgrace

You surround yourself for you are alone in this chase

You fear the unknown for it will cause you pain and try and wrap everthing in chains

You think you know it all and act insane, I don't see the reason then why you complain

You categorise everything as good and bad on waht it does to you 

Never its nature, that you fail to understand

The one that observe, have given what you have

And whwn you tell'em they are wrong, that's really sad


You build your places for no reason of your own and curse the one with purpose and form

How long will you survive?  how long will you kill ?

One day you will break the spine of your will.

What you never knew, you will know it then

Not been able to stand, no hope, no thrill

Felling the numbness and bearing the chill 

You will know who I am, what it likes to be me

but don't you worry, I will charge you no fee............................""""""""""""""""""""""""""""


© Copyright 2020 harry357. All rights reserved.

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