The Day That Would Never Come

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Imagine a helpless orphan soul

Submitted: July 25, 2012

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Submitted: July 25, 2012



From the day I am alive, i have never been told, crawling the surface and bearing the cold.

There ain't a comfort that i withhold.

My feet are so numb, shivering and trembling on unbearable cold

I need a shoe that comes with a sole or a bottle of whisky or may be rum

I wait for the day, the dy that would never come.


The sun comes out, blood runs through my vein, frozen once, i could feel my breath again.

As i walk the terrain for this hunger and pain, the last drop of water this sweat starts to drain

All that walks along is my shadow in this burning sun.

As I wait for the day, the day that would never come.


At last, its time for the holy treat, I could feel the water splashing underneath my feet.

Arms wide open, I welcome the rain but only to realize its still the same.

I could see the clouds above an empty street, somethings different.

The shadow now has turned into a beast.

My eyes wide open and i can't explain, All i know its the end.

The end of the game.


There's no more struggle, no more slum and no more wait for the days to come.


From the day I was alive, i had never been told.................................................................................... 


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