The Hidden Hero and his Affect

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This short story is about a hero,but he doesn't know he is a hero.Based off a true event,it is a reflecting and emotional description of a Hero.

Submitted: June 09, 2010

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Submitted: June 09, 2010



     Behind the confidence that he protaryed,was something much less than the I expected.He sat there 
with his head up,however his heart was down.I can see by his words,that he really has no clue about how he 
has affected me positivly.To me,he's a hero.He is someone that I admire and look up to. But, he doesn't
think of himself that high. He repeatedly lowers himself down to just an average guy. He underestimates the 
joy that he brings to my hopeless,and "teenage emotional" life.To me, he's higher than anyone in the world.
I wish he could see what he means to me.He is Impeccable,compared to what I think of myself.

        An argument that could be made about my judgment, is that it depends on the person who aknowledges 
the fact that someone is special, and considered to be a hero.I aknowledging his confidence being great,may 
not be as "great to him. All in all to me his small bit of confidence (or amazing confidence in my perspective) 
means alot to me and affects me greatly.It gives me hope,and helps me focus on what I should be.These traits 
that I believe has helped me to take his "admirable" advice".
        I suppose all of these heroic deeds and greatness are still unclear to him. Hopefully one day,
I can show how he has affected me, and his hero-like life will no longer be hidden.They are without doubt
clear to me.

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