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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Skyler never meant to. but no one knows.

Bailey knows they think she's dead, but i'm alive. alive and in trouble.

Find out the whole story and what happens.
( this is just the first chapter)

Submitted: March 01, 2017

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Submitted: March 01, 2017



Mr.Linden’s Library




Tears were running down my cheeks. It was all my fault. He had warned me about the book. Now it was too late. No one knew I was the one who set the monsters lose. It was my fault Bailey was dead. My fault that the world was ending. My thoughts were interrupted, a hand laid on my left shoulder.

“Skyler, I, we, know you're upset, we all are. But we have to leave.”

I nodded and wiped the tears away. Fighting back new ones. Finn was right. We needed to find a safe place to hide. If their was any left. I got up and faced the others. Alyssa spoke.

“The forest is thick and perfect to hide in. The monsters won’t be able to get out, The road is blocked and that’s the only way out of town. The tree house me and Alia built when we were little should do as a hideout.”


“Mh, I’m impressed. I thought that the treehouse would be vandalized and broken down.”

Alyssa spoke climbing the rope that led to the tree house with incredible speed.

“We chose rope since it’s the hardest to climb , in case of something like this. Who knew that my paranoia and “superstitions” were so accurate?”

Alia yelled down from the tree house. Though it wasn’t necessary.

“ Pipe down! The monsters might here us!”

Chuck squeaked. Which of course, was probably right, we might only be eight miles from the town. But Alia has a strong pair of lungs and can’t handle silence. Her yells might be able  to reach what is left of the town, or


the monsters might be able to hear her.


Inside of the treehouse was amazing. It had four rooms. The first room we walked into had to be the living room. The wooden floor was messily covered by a blue carpet with white and yellow stars. Two beanbags were spread out on the carpet. One beanbag had to be Alyssa’s,it had an orange background with different sports equipment. The other beanbag was purple with multi-coloured music notes, treble clefs, and bass clefs. Probably Alias. In the corner of the room was stack of five chairs, none of the same color. On the other side of the room was bins and bins of plastic cutlery, crafts, toys and old but excellent board games.


In the next room had one round table with six chairs around it. Something that looked like a makeshift  sink was in the corner of the room. Beside the sink was a cabinet full of half-eaten snacks.


Two door ways lead to the bedrooms.

“One will be for you guys”

Alia pointed to Finn and Chuck.

“And the other one will be for us girls.”


The girls bedroom had two beds inside.

“We’ll have to rotate who sleeps on the beanbag  and the two people sleeping on the beds.”

Alyssa said, a little disappointment in her voice.

“Told you we should have bought that other mattress”

Alia said in her singsong voice.

“I’ll sleep on the beanbag tonight.”

I said quickly.

“You sure?”

Alyssa said. A ting of worry of worry in her voice.

“You’ve been through a rough couple of days.”


“ You and Alia have to!”

I pointed out.


“No buts. I’ll sleep on the beanbag!”

I shouted.

Alyssa and Alia backed up and exchanged worried looks.I went and grabbed an extra blanket and pillow. I sat down on the beanbag and got comfy. By then my eyelids were really heavy and I nodded off to sleep.


I was woken up by a loud “SHHHH” then followed by the same voice

“ You can’t wake Skyler up. If she finds out we woke up and talked about her, she’s gonna KILL us.”

Definitely Chuck, he is the only one who is ever that dramatic, but still he was pretty much right. I kept quiet so I could listen more.

“What should we do about Skyler, she’s been acting up since… um…you know”

Alia whispering loudly.

“ There isn’t much we can do, but what if Bailey isn’t dead.”

Finn finished waiting for an answer.

“Right! Because when the townspeople were swallowed by the vine monster, it’s vines got bigger, like something traveling through a hose.” Chuck answered.

“So, what you guys are saying is they travel through the vine and was captured by, you know… monster supreme?”

Alyssa asked.

“Yes.” Chuck and Finn said in unision.

Bailey might be alive? Before I could stop myself I jumped off the beanbag and ran out of the room into the kitchen and cried.

“ Then we have to save her!”

Chuck nearly hit his head his head on the ceiling. Alyssa jumped up off her chair ready to kick someone's butt, hitting Alia off her chair, and Finn let


out a half a squeal which made everyone stop what ever they were doing and looked at Finn with with a puzzled look that said “what was that” or “I never he could do that”. Finn opened his eyes, looked around and started to grow bright red in the face. Chuck was the first to speak, not to me, but to the others,

“ Told you she was gonna wake up.”

“ You were the one who said, sorry, yelled SHHHH!”

Alyssa shouted. They all started to argue and I grabbed my bag and started to throw objects into it; scissors, food, popsicle-sticks, glue, rope and other things I knew that I probably wouldn’t need to use to save Bailey.

“ Watcha doin’?”

This time I nearly hit my head on the ceiling. I turned around to see Alia peering over me.

“You're not trying to go and rescue Bailey by, yourself? Are you?”

“What? No, I uh, just was packing some things up if we get attacked in the middle of the night.”

“Sky, you can’t just go and save Bailey  by yourself.”

Alyssa spoke, concern filled her voice. I cut her off before she could say more,

“Why not? Because I’ve been acting off?”

I spat back.

“No, because we want to help you.”

Alyssa responded.

“ Yah! Wait , WHAT?!”

Chuck nearly screamed, eyes the size of the moon.

“Yes, Bailey’s our friend too!”

Alia explained to Chuck.

“So what? You’re want me to commit suicide?”

Chuck shaking with what looked like half outraged and scared look.

“You guys really mean it?!”

I looked at them all hopefully


“Yes.” they all said in unison. Except for Chuck. Who was mumbling something about us all be insane and suicide.

Alia spoke, laying a hand on my shoulder.

“ But first we need to sleep.”

We packed our things we would need and then we went to bed. I made sure that the key and the lock were safely hidden in my bag.


We woke up the next morning and ate some slightly stale bread with butter. After we all cleaned up we set off around nine. We all decided it would be best to walk in silence in case their was any monsters nearby. Soon we smelt smoke. We had reached the town. 5


© Copyright 2020 harrypotterlover258. All rights reserved.

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