A mumbaikar sight

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I was riding through a street and saw a rather usual sight. But , it may seem rather unpleasant.

Submitted: June 09, 2012

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Submitted: June 09, 2012




Mastermind On A Wheelchair.

Universe, as you all know, is expanding and so are the thoughts, ideas and discoveries about it. When I said “ discoveries”, you would have thought most probably of gathering statistics, making space expeditions or working in a renowned observatory, right? But, this is not the case with our friend Stephen Hawking.


That man who is touching his 70s is, to me, the most powerful person ever born. Though not ale to walk or talk, he has mastered the art f thinking about the universe and supporting it scientifically. His wheelchair, his laptop and most importantly his mind are the only resources available to him.


Conquering the world does not need physical greatness but as they say: “The pen is mightier than the sword.” It is indeed true. Master Stephen is the one of the most prolific writer, thinker and an inspiration to all humanity and he honestly deserves to be one. Sitting on that 4-legged wheelchair his legs step upon every ground of the universe as his mind unveils the hidden truth and mysteries of the same.


When people ask him “ How does it feels to be paralyzed?”, his out of the ordinary wit replies “My hyperactive brain counteracts the paralyzed state of my body.”


Discovery channel, as you all maybe knowing, has acknowledged him and his works by launching a show which is pretty much prominent as ‘ Into the universe with Stephen Hawking.” Those of you who do not know much about space need not worry. He had said, “ The more people think of the universe, the more humanity discoveries.” So was the saying of the show: ‘ to spread knowledge of the universe to the people who not aware of.


His volumes of books are an outcome of the exceptional brain he has ‘developed’. Mr. Hawking, nearly on his way to god, still retains that smile on his face to the world as he simultaneously fights a war with cancer. He still says: “I will do my level-best till my last breath to offer to the world whatever my mind can offer, but...”


His days are numbered and sooner or later we will witness the death of Stephen hawking, a man who never quitted but made the world give a thought:

Is it good of a man to fall on a broken step or jump over it and subjugate the world?



Harsh Ranawat.

© Copyright 2018 Harsh Ranawat. All rights reserved.

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