The Golden Bird. Or Is It?

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A ground zero picture of our India.

Submitted: May 26, 2013

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Submitted: May 26, 2013





India. The 65 year-old India. My India. Your India. Yes, I am talking about the once called “ Golden Bird “ and the now called “ Gibberish Bird”. One of the most virtuous countries of the good old days, and one of the poorest countries of the present time.


So were the sacrifices of the intrepid leaders futile? Is what you might be thinking now. No doubt, 90 years of determined struggle right from 1857 right to 1947 by the intrepid leaders are worth true salutes, true inspiration and true influences. If only we could genuinely give a true salute, genuinely be inspired and genuinely be influenced!


The constitution, no doubt, covers a hell lot of subjects and laws made are also very effective. However, the parliament, the body supposed to bring these laws into effect, is not clean. Seriously, quite a gargantuan  number of people are responsible for the thousands of notes going “missing”.


In police stations too , where constables are supposed to apply law , they are seen consuming banned foostuffs! Example : D.N.Nagar police station where a constable ( the cheif in the F.I.R department ) was consuming Jarda - a tobacco produc banned in Maharashtra. In these times , law makers have turned law breakers!


With over 200 million unfortunate people being food insecure, 1026 sacs of wheat were witnessed rotting since 9 months in Delhi. With a quarter of the population earning less than 32 rupees per day, India is planning for a space expedition. With 37.7 million people being affected by water-borne diseases each year, Rs6700 crore is spent to cure such diseases – not by the government, by the people themselves!


Corruption is at its peak these days, and we just do our bit – in increasing it each time. Discontent is at its peak these days, and we just do our bit by wasting food each time. We donate tones of currencies each year to NGO’s and stuff like that, but do we ourselves ever show some personal interest for the needy?


Thousands of abuses, in all forms of languages and styles can be heard in any given part of the country, even in hospitals, where “gifts of God” are born. So, we spoil these gifts from the very first breath by introducing abusive words even before holy ones! Talking of children, one out 11 children die before becoming 5 years old.


Corruption , coal scam , 2G scam , helicopter scam and female abuse .India will be the most densely populated country in coming years. India has the largest number of sexually abused children . Even entertainment now : IPL too is fixed !Is this how low our country can fall?


Let me ask you a question through the words of Henry Derozio : " Where is that glory ? Where is the reverence now ? "


I am not asking for great a reward , but just a small contribution from here and there , which will be worth a million. India will then be the "Golden Bird" again.


Let this start a revolution, and let the revolution reach unbeatable greatness.



- A fellow Indian , grooping for light in the tunnel of darkness.


Please forgive me if I have done any wrong in this note.

Its sole purpose was to show the ground zero picture of our country.


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