You aint know nothing about yourself ! - the NEUTRAL version

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Well have you ever felt that the one you love also loves you , but cant just figure it out ?
Then sing this for her/him and make em realize what he/she needs to know !

Submitted: October 23, 2011

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Submitted: October 23, 2011





you are the one,

alongside whom i feel so free . . .

to talk & share;

to walk & stare;

the dazzled and sparkling dark sky

the moon ,the stars and i dont know why,

the first time i felt shy . . .

uhhhh... u cant deny;




yes, there is something special about us,

maybe its the occasion,

and not the location,

the first cup of tea;

you looking at me,

it feels so calm,cold and steady

and now that the time has arrived,

i need u to know . . . .



you aint know nothing about yourself,

thou you claim to do so . .

you aint know nothing about yourself,

from the first time i met you,

untill know its not changed,

becoz you still . . .

Know nothing about yourself . . . .




i loveeeeeeeeeeee this feeling,

you gave me as a gift . . .

i feel so adicted to ur smileeeeeeeeee;



so now please let me in;

let me show you how to begin;

the way of life has been dry

but now i am here;

there is nothing to fear;

i will hold you in my arms and

keep you safe apart . . . . . 

but there is one thing i need you to know . . . . 





what you like,what you love the most;

you aint know nothing about yourselfffffffff



yaa you aint know nothing about yourselffffffffffffff . . . . .

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