The next king of hell (draft)

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This is a draft of a story im working on please leave feedback

Haru was visited by a demon needing him for a tournament for the throne of hell he is quickly dragged of too war and bloodshed

Submitted: January 11, 2014

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Submitted: January 11, 2014



I thought tonight would be like any winter night that was before it came, by it I mean him but I will get to that in a moment, I was sitting in my room trying to complete my history essay (btw this is all pointless just think of it as rambling) and then it came, there was a sudden pulse or jitter in my head it hurt so I went to get a glass of water from the bath room, when I raised my head from looking at the sink my eyes had become a light shade of green that was when it made its appearance.

 It whispered like it was right beside me “Why hello there human, do not scream shout or run you cannot ignore me” I tried not to be scared but I feel like he knew anyway “Who are you, what do you want” he replied in more of a less threatening voice like he had learnt everything about me in the last minute “ha-ha well it would take a while to explain so why don’t I show you”  there was a sudden tug on the back of my head like I was being dragged away but remained in place my eyes began to feel like they rolled into the back of my head, there was a burst of light and there were hundreds of shadowed figures of all shapes and sizes all standing in front of a figure I tried to make out what it looked like but it was hard it was like I wasn’t meant to but I could sense a great amount of power and fear filled my body then the figure spoke.

“ALL OF YOU HERE TODAY HAVE COME TO WITNESS THE NEXT ERA OF HELL!” there were cheers laughs and sniggers all around he continued to speak “I SHALL BE LEAVING THE THRONE AND ONE OF YOU SHALL TAKE MY PLACE”” everyone else stopped it was just silence “BUT FOR YOU TO BE THE NEXT KING OF HELL YOU MUST FIGHT THROUGH A TORNAMENT BUT YOU SHALL NOT EXACTLY BE FIGHTING ALONE” all the figures around me became very intrigued even though they were just figures the atmosphere changed once the main figure said this “YOU MUST FIND AND BOND WITH A HUMAN TO PARTICIPATE!” everyone started whispering and I was suddenly being pushed back into my head.

I was back in my bathroom, it spoke again “So do you understand” I replied “Um kinda what are you?! What did I just see where was I!” he screamed within me “YOU JUST WITNESED SATAN HIMSELF STAND DOWN FROM THE THRONE AND I WANT YOU TO BE MY HUMAN FOR TORNAMENT!”

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