What happened at our spot

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A short story about the greatest day of my life, a day where two close friends become something more.

Submitted: July 14, 2013

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Submitted: July 14, 2013



As I stood there, scared and shaking she appeared out of the crowd her beautiful hair and dress stood out I could tell it was her we slowly walked up to each other and greeted each other with a tight warm hug, we then walked off to find somewhere quite while talking on the way, we made it to the castle and sat on a bench, we kept talking I then gradually kept getting closer and closer, I then opened my mouth and said “ I want to show you something give me your hand” I grabbed her hand and it fit perfectly into mine my heart got faster and faster, we were holding hands we were both in shock we were holding hands! We were together! After months of loneliness we were with each other!

I decided to take her for a walk I made a joke about her size and I felt bad so I said “ I like small girls want me too show you why?” we stopped and faced each other I wrapped my arms around her and she did the same, time froze life felt good for the first time in a long time, she commented on how she could feel my heart racing, her hair was so soft and smelt amazing.

We carried on walking I could tell she was in shock so I decided to put my arm around her but turns out I was the one who got the shock she put her arm around my waist I lost my words and decided to take her to the square to a place now known as our spot.

We sat held hands put our arms around each other and talked while staring into each other’s eyes she said how proud she was that I was wearing a short sleeved shirt despite then I told her I was proud of her for wearing a dress even though she hates her legs, I then went on about how beautiful and amazing she is and that she should belive me and for the first time ever she said “okay” I stared into her soul full green eyes then took a deep breath, I said “Oh what the heck!” and then there we were, together! Kissing! My heart felt the first bit of happiness in a long time it was fixed my heart was fixed I felt, ALIVE!

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