Anticipation of the Decaying Mind

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A lady visits the doctor with her husband to show the reports when she realises that she has a surprise waiting for her.

Submitted: January 04, 2009

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Submitted: January 04, 2009




The frown of the doctor stirred up her heart. She began to perceive that something bad is going to come up. The doctor looked at her to say something but refrained himself; instead, he held the papers in his hand again and checked the details more meticulously. The doctor seemed more anxious than Sherry herself was. A number of thoughts began to occupy her mind. She started to wonder and asked herself, “What wrong might have happened? Why is he so worried? Why is the doctor hesitating to say anything? What is so alarming about the report? Is that going to happen again?  Is it so hazardous that he cannot tell me?”, and many other similar questions.


Sherry had always been strong and immune to diseases. Being an athlete, she had always been into rigorous practice and exercise. She always wanted to be an athlete and she was determined to do anything that would help her. So, exercise and healthy diet was at the core of her profession that she maintained voluntarily throughout her career. She never expected to be confronted by a doctor who would be trying to tell her something that was hard for her to listen.


Her mind refused to be tangled into this endless web of mystery of the doctor. For a moment, she dived into the flashback of her glorious career. She still remembered the day when she became a champion in the international arena. It was, indeed, the most rapturous and joyous day for her; she knew nothing could make her happier. The delicate touch of the gold medal triggered the relentless feeling of a winner. She was at the heart of attention of the whole audience who applauded and cheered at her victory. The smiling faces of her fans were unforgettable, but not more than the delightful visage of the person who was by her side to support the ups and downs of her career. Sherry ran to him and opened up her arms and jumped on the man to embrace him and kissed him and showed him the medal. No other man could have been more apt for her as the husband than her coach whom she loved more than anyone else. She knew by her heart that he was the man of her life and that she always wanted to be with him no matter what happens.


Sherry was married to the coach for more than a decade and they were happier than any other couple they knew. Love was something they valued the most and learnt how to adore each other to elate the person to the pinnacle. Nonetheless, there was grief somewhere deep inside their hearts that both of them knew, yet they masked their emptiness superficially with their affection. What on earth can genuinely soothe the feeling of being deprived from the privilege of becoming parents? She wept so many times for the baby at her solitude. Sherry always felt that her family is incomplete without a baby and the failure of the test tube baby made her even more depressed than ever. Like the doctors, she was always anxious to know the reason behind this omen but could never figure out the actual reason. None of those primary positive pregnancy test results, which she had, worked out for more than a month. The doctors said that they could find no problem with Sherry and her husband except that the baby couldn’t survive till maturity. And at such point, it was their love that tied them together and eased her from this utter pain.


Her nostalgic mind returned to the fretful doctor in search of all the questions that popped up in her mind in the split of the second. She looked at the face of the doctor and then grabbed the hand of her husband who was sitting beside her. The frosty palm of her hand sensed a similar feeling in her husband which made her to hold that hand more tightly and firmly. Her inquisitive mind was about to ask the doctor about the result when she noticed the change in his facial expression. The frown of the doctor has now disappeared and the dimple was complementing the big smile in his face. She curiously leaned forward to comprehend the doctor when the doctor exclaimed, “Sherry, the test result is positive. (The smile broadened.) The embryo has fertilized successfully. Congratulations! We hope this time the baby will come to your lap safely. I’m so happy for you. But remember what you have...”


These words effaced all her gloominess and anxieties. Her radiant face began to glow like diamond as she chuckled while her agate eyes sparkled with the droplets of tears that flowed across her rouged cheeks. Her husband inclined towards her and embraced her with all the warmth and togetherness and amusingly whispered to her ear, “Ah! Our life will no longer be the same again.” Indeed, she knew by then too that their lives were about to change: they were going to enter into a new phase of their lives that they opted for so long and finally their decaying minds had found the road to bloom again.

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