Wonders of Cricket

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This is based on my true life back in 2009!

Submitted: February 28, 2015

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Submitted: February 28, 2015



The Batsman and bowler eye each other up like two ancient gladiators preparing to clash. The outcome of this final ball will decide the fate of this final.


And here I am sitting in front of a screen watching a crowd of no less than Sixty thousand jumping up and down as they watch Pakistan lift the world cup.

I was born in Pakistan, a cricket mad nation with a population of one hundred and fourteen million. Originally the national sport of Pakistan was hockey but no one care about hockey. You woke up to cricket, you slept to cricket and you certainly of cricket. It was my life, just as it was of every other boy in the country. Every time I saw a group of lads playing, I was gravitated towards them. In Pakistan, cricket is to its players as songs are to singers and music is to musicians – it’s part of who they are. This passion is now a world-wide phenomenon.

Cricket has been a well-known team sport for hundreds of years and is one of the most popular sports in the world. It originated in England and is now very popular in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Australia, the West Indies, South Africa and Pakistan.

All of these countries now play the two formats of the game: one day internationals and test games. In one day internationals both teams have 50 overs each to get the highest score humanly possible whereas test games can last for up to five days. This five days format is a test of intense endurance not just for the twenty-two participating players, but also for the watching crowds.

Though, labeled as a gentlemen’s game; the intensity is no less than that of any other sport. You have to be on your toes to run fast and then you have to run faster. Every time you push hard, there is going to be someone pushing even harder. Then you have to be clever but not too clever. This makes cricket one of the most fascinating sports there is. It adds multifaceted dimensions to the players of this game, from mental toughness to physical fitness. There seems to be everything in this game, making is unique and exceptional for players and the fans.

Besides the spectacle of endurance, there is also the fascination of strategy: cricket requires a vast amount of mental skills and lots of planning within the game. There is the positioning of the fielders, the management of batting order and bowling changes to help tip the balance of the game in your favour.

For instance, an example of strategy will be when positioning the fielders for right or left handed batsmen. Should the batsman be right handed, the captain is likely to deploy the best fielders in relation to the left side of the ground as right handed batsmen tend to swing to the left and vice-versa for the left handed batsmen.

There are many other qualities an individual can bring into cricket. You have to be able to work with other players and compete as a team. Beside teamwork, cricket can also improve other social skills such as communication and learning how to cope with winning and losing. Also you will enhance your interaction skills as it’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends who share the same passion as you, whether male or female as this unique sport can now be played by men or women.

This game also establishes racial harmony among nations. People need laughter, joy, entertainment – not war. Cricket along with many other sports, can be a means of conveying peace all over the world, even if that final ball doesn’t always go your way.

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