Escaping Voidnerth

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This is about a man named Daniel who is stranded on a planet named Voidnerth, he does not remember how he got there but he knows one thing for sure and that he's going to find his friend Angel.

Submitted: April 25, 2015

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Submitted: April 25, 2015



Daniel opened his spaceship door which lead him out of a quarter of his spaceship, the other quarters were destroyed.”Angel are you ok?”said Daniel but he got no response. Maybe she was scouting the area or she had to find a spot to do her business since she said she had to “go” right before “it” happened. Daniel did not remember what “it” was but he knew it was the reason he was here, He started to search.


 Daniel heard a lot of rustling and he took out his long barrel N1-37 Pistol and yelled “Whos there?” then the rustling stopped and there was not a single sound… Daniel felt like this was a prank from Angel, she was often immature and loved to joke.”Angel stop it right now” he shouted with anger then he saw a face, not the black face of Angel but rather a red one with pure green eyes. A huge buff man appeared then Daniel noticed that his face was just painted but the man still had grey skin. He spoke in a deep voice” Why are you here?” “I lost my fiend Angel do you know where she is?” all of a sudden about 30 other aboriginals as Daniel thought them to be came out of the bushes and broke into chatter Daniel knew they must of seen her. The man turned back to Daniel and simply said “No” then they all started to leave. “Wait!” yelled Daniel, “What?” said back the man, Daniel replied “Where did you get the red facepaint?” “It is blood…” then the man walked away and said as he was walking away “Be careful my face could be coated in your blood…” He saw that it was about 5:00 so he headed back to the ship.


 “Hmmm I need to cut some trees and fix up this missing wall…” So he grabbed his belt hatchet and cut down the trees that his smaller version of an axe could handle. By around 7:00 he was finished and he just had to cut them into planks which would not withstand as many attacks if he just stacked logs but he needed the wood for other things so he needed to conserve. It was late night by the time he finished and he just needed to put the tree pieces together which wasn’t hard he just needed to wedge them together and against the two side walls. He finally finished and hopped into his bed that survived with the rest of his stuff that he had in this room. As he was dreaming he realised that it must of been the aboriginals who took Angel but one man versus 30 or probably a lot more was not a good match-up. “I will save Angel” he said as he fell asleep.


Daniel woke up and checked his wood wall to see if it lasted and surprisingly enough it did. He got some of his gear out of his mini storage room that was in his actual room then he started to head out. He wished he had his comms radio still so he could call for help but it was probably gone with the rest of his ship, but then he saw a huge metal crate surging with electricity. He walked towards it then grabbed his gloves and thought about how to approach the problem, he remembered the power vacuum that he bought off of spacemart for the “prank” Angel pulled on him by blowing up his tv making electricity go everywhere. He went to grab it then came back and cleansed the box of any electrical charges then took it back to the spaceship which he felt comfortable calling his home. Once he got there he started to try to pull it open but it looked like it was forced together with a hammer so he grabbed his belt hatchet and started to knock up the top of it until he had it open. He found many things and one of them being the comms, did Angel take everything and put it here as “it” was happening? This explains why no one would answer him on the radio when he called for help, wait he remembered something! He was starting to regain some of his memory.


After looting the box he was off much better than before. First thing he did was connect the radio comms to his power source then used some spare batteries.”Hello anyone out there, this is unit 4503 I repeat this is unit 4503” he waited a minute and got scared that “it” somehow happened to everyone else then he heard”Unit 4503 this is unit 4504 and unit 4506,what happened to you?” “Long story Linda but Angel was captured by some aboriginals of planet voidnerth so I need as many fighters here as soon as possible” Linda(unit 4504) replied “We will have 100 or so ships armed there by tomorrow” Daniel turned off the radio after saying bye, he knew they would not be on time so he headed towards the aboriginals camp or where he thought it was .


After traveling for a while he found it then started to crouch as he passed by a bunch of aboriginals then he saw all of them gathering around a stagelike structure with a person hanging off the roof with a rope. Once he realised it was Angel he panicked  and put his hand on his holster then thought about how he could release her, He had to make a distraction… He grabbed a grenade and threw it across the field then once it blew up everyone was running towards the area leaving the whole area around him clear. He quickly ran over to Angel and untied her but she was too weak to walk so he carried her and started to run then the aboriginal man from before appeared “Why are you stealing our meal Danalono” Daniel replied with “This is my friend and my name is Daniel!” he was angry that this man thought he could eat his friend, he threw her on the ground and walked up to the man. The man gave a evil laugh because he thought Daniel was puny and weak but Daniel grabbed him by the neck and picked him up even though he was shorter than the man then he threw him to the ground and started to punch him “This is for Angel…” he was so angry he would not stop punching him and after 5 minutes of him punching the man straight he got up”You were right before about how my blood would cover your face, my knuckle blood.” the man was furious now and was about to punch Daniel to outer space when a bullet suddenly went through his head, Daniel turned around and saw Angel aiming a gun “Where did you get the gun?” asked Daniel then Angel replied with “Check your holster” Angel giggled. After the gunshot a lot of attention was brought to them and there was a lot of angry aboriginals.


Daniel and Angel attempted to run but soon enough they were trapped but all of a sudden one fighter ship flew by then two then ten and so on. Within twenty minutes there was a lot of dead bodies, A ship came down and they entered. It was Linda “A little early” said Daniel “Luckily” replied Linda. Linda said “So you have a lot of explaining to do…” Daniel thought for a moment but he did not remember “IT” but then he remembered everything about why he was on this planet “Well it all started with us flying over this planet…” Daniel and his friends flew back to their home planet while Daniel explained and remembered “IT”.


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Escaping Voidnerth

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