The Rest is Just A Blur

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The story of a man, who's finally had enough.


Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Submitted: March 08, 2013



A/N: do not read if your not into anything graphic.

As I sit here in this enclosed, "personal" work space. I say "personal" mockingly of course, for we have not real "personal" opinions, or expressions, or, ANY freedom what-so-ever. Anyway. As I sit here, I start to think about my life. All of that is expected of me, or, what everyone else expects of me. I start to think of my shit job, my whore of a girlfriend, my lying ex trying to keep my son from me. When I start to think about these things, it gets my imagination going on, what to "do", about this situation. Broken hearts and broken necks are all I daydream about.
The person i sit next to is the biggest kiss ass I've ever met. His name is Nate - something. I don't know. All i know is that i need to watch my back when it comes to that little cock-ass. He's always over my shoulder, waiting, just waiting to get me fired. Although, at this point, I wouldn't care anyway. I just sit here, in my own little column, looking at the screen. What am I to do with my life? What am I going to feel? What am I going to see?

My life is shit.

There really is no other way to put it. I think I'm going insane. Fuck this place. We'll just go home. Drowned myself in liquor, again. No one really understands were I come from. I sit at lunch alone. I work alone.

My day is usually this:

I come into the office, clock in, work, eat lunch, work again, get a 10 minute brake, work some more, clock out, go home, get drunk, smoke up, watch Family Guy, and go to bed.

I've gotten to the point of our relationship, where, I know she's not coming home until 6:00 the next morning. I know shes out fucking someone else. I know she's just using me for a place to live. But i don't care anymore. Fuck it.
The next morning is, different. She's actually home before I get up for work at 5:00am. My stomach tells me something is up. So she tells me. She's not cheating on me. She's just out with her friends. That's why I find condoms in her purse. That's why she comes home smelling like sex and sweat. That's why she comes home with new necklaces, rings, and all kinds of new jewelry. She doesn't have a job. How does she afford all of it? Put the pieces together.

I'm at the peak of my "shit taking" meter. Fuck this. I grab the knife off the kitchen table. While shes doing the dishes. I stab her neck. As she turns to me. She looked at me in the eyes. I can see shes drifting away. So I ripped the knife through her throat. Letting the blood splash on my face. She fell to the floor. As I stepped over her body, I opened the cabinets to grab the Colt .45 and the paper towels. I wiped my face and and threw the bloody paper towel back to the trash that laid on the floor. I left her there to choke on her own blood.
Its 6:30am. I put my colt in my pocket. No guards. No cop securing the building. I love this day. This is my time to shine. A person can only take so much. And I've reached "so much" a long time ago. I straighten my tie, and my shirt. I sat at my desk and started to "work". I typed out some memos. And started to surf the net. And wouldn't you know it. Nate walked up to me and started to flap his gums about how "the company computers shouldn't be used as a personal surfing device." I turned around to him and told him that I was sorry and it wouldn't happen again. He turned his back to me. I pulled out the colt and slugged him right in the back of the head.

Headshot: 100 Points

At this time, Everyone started to run. I turned over to the fat, disgusting blob of an intern and popped one right in his eye. 110 points. The sexy red head from the desk across mine. One in the leg and two in the back, 50 points. I saw the boss. The big man. The head honcho. I jumped on top of him. I told him that the TPS reports that he wanted were on my desk. I stomped on his head until i heard a "CRRRRACK" and his legs stopped moving. 200 points. I turned to the secretary and and shot her in the chin. Her tongue flopped around like a fish and she drooled blood. 80 points. I heard whimpers and i turned around. Three of my co-workers had fell. Two Male. One Female. I slugged the one that tried to run. 50 points. The male looked and me and started to beg for his life. I told the women that was on the floor that if she moved I'd kill her too. I took the 5'10" and laid him on the paper cutter. Placed his head on the table and scalped him with the blade. The top of his skull flew off, exposing his brain. 190 points. The women screamed. She was a new intern that had just moved to our state. She's only been here a week. I knelled down and looked at her. She was terrified. I couldn't blame her. I looked at her and told her that she needed to get out of this company. That she needed to live her life the way that she wanted and not the way others told her too. I spared her life. -10 points.

I look around at the destruction that I have made. I sit down on my chair. And type my final memo. I stand up. One more bullet in the chamber. Final score: 770. Now the rest is just a blu-------------

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