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flickering flames...

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



I feel the fire at my back

I open up each eye

I'm circled by a ring of flames

all reaching for the sky


I lift my head to look and see

what's burning to the ground

this house that once was bustling

now burns without a sound


there's just an insect left in here

she's feeling rather smug

she managed to break free tonight

my inner fire bug


this fire is my doing

small creatures I have bred

walls of embers rippling

like ocean waves of red


“you must depart” a fireling sings

“for we are hungry still”

“you might be our mother dear”

“but we do as we will”


I leave them to their frolicking

like ballet dancing free

but if great beauty plants thy feet

thy death dancing beauty shall be


I'm standing bathed in moonlight

the clock tower strikes three

I turn around and drift away

into the night set free


my firelings children will soon depart

having danced all that they could

and nothing will be left but me

for I'm destruction's motherhood.

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