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Just a little romance is needed in life. Boys remember chivalry. Girls ... Just remember to be the girl not the boy.
Thought I'd write something a little longer this time.

Submitted: May 31, 2014

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Submitted: May 31, 2014



As I walked over to him I could see the moon shining above. The chilly air not effecting me one bit. I was nervous, excited and just happy to see him. He looked over to me as I walked towards him. I caught a glimpse of the smile pasted on his face. I smiled and put my head down. I didn't want him to know my true feelings. Not yet anyway.

"Hiya" I say as I reach him.

He plunges towards me and embraces me in a hug. I could smell a strong bitter sweet aftershave linger in my nose. The smell was making me high.

"Oh god I've missed you so much" he says. 

How greatful I was that it was dark. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. Maybe he liked me more than a friend too. I had to laugh out loud at myself. I was being stupid I thought.

"Really? It's not even been a day" I say giggling.

"Yeah well it feels like forever." I could swear he was actually sulking.

We started to walk up the road just walking. Nowhere inparticular, just walked. The stars were out and it looked beautiful. The dark blue and black sky holding the full moon shining bright above our heads. We walked side by side and it was just perfect. We did some talking, few cheesy lines but the most important part of that night was when we were back on the end of the street. 

He leaned up against the fence and crossed his arms. "So this thing she's been going on about."

For a moment I was confused but then I realised what he was on about. I could feel the moths eating away at my stomache. I tried to joke it away, talking about absolute nothing. I was afraid. Afraid he'd say he only loved me as a sister or as a friend. Nothing more.

"Are you done?" He said chuckling. Thats when I realised I was talking a lot. 

"Yeah I'm sorry, I'm done," I say smiling at him. I watched as he scrunched up his forehead as he thought of what to say next. I could see his eyes glistening against the moonlight. He was gorgeous. To me he was just perfect. If only he knew.

"So will you ... Marry me. Ha no," he said. I laughed. 

"Where's the ring? The big proposal on the corner of a street? What is this?" 

"You'll have to do with this, we're going back to your roots ... No ermm what I was gonna say is this thing like I already thought you know." He waved his arms around. He looked so cute. "That we were already one." He glanced at me.

My heart started beating faster. The cool night breeze no longer keeping me cool.

"Oh," I replied lamely. "So what are you saying exactly?"

I had to be sure. I couldn't get the wrong idea. I needed to know he meant what I thought.

"Well erm, do you want to," he paused. Then chuckling he said, "declare it?"

I think it was a nervous laugh, but he doesn't get nervous. He's too cool and collected for that. Right?

"Shall I go get her out here so she can declare it for us?" I joke, more to calm my own nerves but also to make it less serious. I just wanted to scream. Was this really happening? After all this time? He chuckled and leaned against the fence again folding his arms.

"Do you have anyone you don't want to tell, like do you have anyone you have to hide this from?"

I looked at him. This was happening. It really was happening. "No I don't, do you?"

"No, not really," he shrugged. I wanted him to look at me. But his eyes stayed glued to the road.

I hesitated. "But what about them?"

"No," he shrugged again. "I'm not bothered about them, they're not as important to me as you."

I shouldnt have but I had to smile at that. "Right okay then." I started to fidget with the fence. Taking little glances at him from the corner of my eye, I could hear my innerself screaming for joy.

"So it's declared," he said throwing his hands in the air.

I laughed. I didn't know what to say I was just overjoyed.

"It's getting cold you should go inside," he said looking at me. 

"Er, yeah it's freezing. I'll see you Monday?" I wasn't cold. I could only feel the heat burning inside me. He walked over and hugged me. Our first hug as, well as one. I smiled. I did quite a lot of smiling that night. I pulled back and waved goodbye as I turned and walked towards the house. I knew he could still see me so I contained my excitement.

As I walked into the house I knew what was next. "Oh god am I hungry," I exclaimed to no-one inparticular. I could see her watching me smiling. The eager look on her face to know. I made my way to the kitchen with her on my tail. "I'm really hungry. I'm just gonna go take this off and I'll be right back."

I ran upstairs and into the first room, I could feel her right behind me following me into the room.

"Sooooooooo," she grinned, the largest grin I'd seen on someone else but myself that night. "Tell me what happened?"
I busied myself taking my jacket and bag off. I smiled at her and then I told her. "Well, basically ..." I told her about the walk about what he said. All in brief detail but she got the idea.
"Oh my god wooooooooo. I knew it. Finally. I'm so happy for you." I was happy.
All of it was perfect. The walk under the stars. The jokes. All of it. Him. It was perfect. Two months since that day and I remember it like it was last night. I guess good things come to those who wait and I got mine. These last two months have been hectic, but everything thats happened has made us stronger. I wouldn't change it for the world.

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