Haunting After Death: Part One

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Samantha , 16 year old gets nightmares from whats going to happen in her past. But when she meets Josh, everything is different. Samantha's life lies on her family and friends life.

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



Haunting After Death: Part One.

Chapter 1: The Horizon \"John!\" Samantha Screamed In Horror. \"What? It's Just An Old Bus, What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Your A Scary Cat.\" John Mocked Samantha. At That Moment, The Lights On The Bus Started To Move. \"That Could Happen John, I Think It's Haunted.\" Samantha Said Shaking. The Last Thing Samantha Saw Was John's Head Chop Off And....

?\"Arghhhh!!!\" \"What's Wrong Sam, Did You Get Another Nightmare?\" Said Shayla, Samantha's Mother, Giggling. \"Mom, It's Not Funny! I Had A Dream Of Seomone That I Don't Even Know, His Name's John And, His Head Chopped Off By A Bus Lights And It's On...\" At That Moment, Samantha And Shayla Heard An Horrible Growl At The Moment Of The Horizon. \"This Street, It Was On This Street! What Was That?\" Samantha Started Crying.  

 Chapter 2: The Beginning


It All Started When Samantha Moved In A New Town Called Hollow Ranch. She Had These Creepy Nightmares Since She Moved In This House Wich Adress Was 11-11 And Street Called Noisy-Hole Rd.   It Was A Small Town At A Population Of A Hundred Villagers. Dear Diary,   I Don't Like It Here, I Get These Nightmares And I Have The Feeling That I Am Being Watched And That Something Will Go Wrong Soon, Just Dont Know When... \"Woof  Grrrr, Woof, Woof, Grrrr\" Growled Cookie, Samantha's Dog.   \"Cookie, Shut Up!\" She Turned Her Head To The Window...   \"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!, Mom! Dad!, Help!\"   She Saw A Face Shimer And Watched It Leave As Her Parents Entered The Room.   \"What Again?\" Shayla Exhausted Shouted.   \"I Saw It...\" Said Samantha.   \"Saw What?\" Jack, Samantha's Father Asked Worriedly.   \"The... The, The Ghost!\"   \"Stop It! Stop Saying Things That Dont Exist. Your Just Tired, Get Some Sleep.\" Said Furiously Shayla.   She Went Up To Her Room And Started Dreaming.

Chapter 3: Clayton Miller.

\"Honey, Get Up, You'll Be Late For School!\" Said Shayla.   \"I Am Up!\" She Said. \"I Didnt Sleep At All!\" She Thought To Herself. Later On At School...

  \"Hey, Are You New Here?\" Said This Cute Guy Who Had A Beautiful Smile.   \"Yes, Yes I Am.\" Said Samantha.   \"Welcome To Horizon High School, My Name Is Clayton Miller.\"    He Showed Me Around.   Clayton Went To The Washroom And Samantha Heard A Scream.   \"Clayton's Dead! Seomone Call 9-11!!\" Screamed One.   \"The Killer's In The School!\" Yelled Another One. \"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Stupid Dreams!\" She Said Pissed.   \"Honey, Get Up, You'll Be Late For School.\" Said Her Mother.   \"I Am Up!\" She Said. \"And Didnt Sleep At All!\" She Said To Herself.   \"Noooo! Are You Kidding Me?\" She Whispered. At School, No One Bothers Samantha, She Doesn't See Clayton.   Cops Are At School Asking Questions To Students.   Two Girls Passed Near Samantha, She Over Heard Them Say:   \"Did You Hear About Clayton's Death?\"   At That Moment, A Cop Started Asking Samantha's Question's.   \"Do You Know What Happened Young Girl?\" Asked Sergent Paul.   \"Ummm, Yes, Yes I Do.\" Answered Samantha.   A Guy Stopped Walking.   \"Can You Tell Me What You Know, Please?\" Said Sergent Paul.   \"He's Been Murdered.\" Said Samantha.   \"By Who??\" Asked Sergent Paul.   \"I Don't Know... Yet.\" Continued Samantha   She Looked Up Behind The Shoulder Of Sergent Paul And Saw The Guy That Stopped Looking At Samantha By Surprise, But He Wore A Little Smile. IN CLASS... \"John?\" Asked The Teacher.   At That Moment, Samantha Looked Up Too See Who This Guy Was.   \"Yes.\" Answered John.   \"Your Lab Partner Will Be Samantha.\"   Samantha Looked Around To See Who Was This John. He Stood Up As She Did The Same.   John Was The Guy That Stopped, The Guy At The Bus, The Guy Who Got Is Head Chopped. They Both Stared At Eachother For A While.   After School, Before Taking The Bus, A Girl Walked By Samantha And Started Talking Talking To Her Like They Were Already Friends.   \"Good Luck Working With A Killer!\" Moked The Girl.   \"What Are You Talking About?\" Samantha Said.   \"Everyone Thinks That The Guy Who Killed Clayton Is John. By The Way, How Did You Know His Death?\" Asked The Girl.   \"I Had A Dream, Some Kind Of Vision.\" Said Samantha.   \"Weird! Anyways, Be Careful Not To Die.\" Giggled The Girl.  

  Chapter 4: The Bus Attack.  

  The Next Morning, Samantha Had Another Dream.   This Time Neither John or Samantha Was In, But Only Some Guy With A Mask And A Knife.   Samantha Took The Bus And Went To School.

Once Samantha Got In Class, John Walked By And Started Talking.   \"Hey Listen, There's This Big Party Where All The Class Is Going And Its On The Horizon Street. And I Wanted Know If You Wanted To Come With Me Only This One Time.\" Said John.   How Could I Say No To This? Its Just Like A Date, I Mean Look At Him, Dreamy Eyes, Great Personnality.  But My Heart Said Dont Go, But I Forced Myself And Said:   \"Sure, Why Not, I'tll Be Fun!\"\"Great, See You Tonight At Eight!\" Said John.   School Was Now Over, Got Back Home And Dressed Up With A T-Shirt And A Lether Coat And Ready For The Party.   John Came At My House And We Walked To The Party.   But Wait, It Was On This Road, The Horizon! The Night Where John's Head Get's Chopped Off!\"Are You Okay?\" Asked John Looking At Me In The Eyes.   \"Yeah uhm, Im Fine!\" I Said Faking.   We Got There And After Three Hours Nothing Happened. Yet.   Most Everyone Were Leaving. About 35 Stayed Like Me & John.   \"C'mon! Come! Come See! There's A Bus! A Old One!\" Said John Taking Me By The Hand And Taking Me To The Bus.   My Heart Was Beating Like You Couldnt Even Imagine.   John Went In The Bus.   \"John! Dont Go In There!\" I Said.   \"What? Its Just An Old Bus, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!\" Said John Giggling.   \" Your Just A Scary Cat!\" He Continued.   As He Walked In, I Saw The Same Face As I Saw In The Window At My House. It Was In The Bus Where John Was!   \"John!!\" I Screamed In Horror Running In The Bus.   As I Got In, John Was Starring At A Dude With A Mask Dressed In Black Like In My Dream!   I Took John And Ran Outside Of The Bus.   \"What The Bird Was He?!\" Said John Scared.   \"He's A Guy I Saw In My Dream But We Need To Go Now Or Else Your Head Would Chop Off!\" I Said All Scared.   As I Saw The Light Go On From Behind John, I Pushed Him On The Ground As Two Blades Came Out Off The Light Right Up From Us.   \"What Was Whats That Whats Going On?!\" Said John Having Goosebumps.   \"Dont Ask Just Lets Get Out Of Here.\" I Said.   We Ran Back To Where The Party Was And Nobody Was There, Two Of Some Students Who Were At The Party Got Killed Samantha And John Ran Away As Far Possible From The Bus And The Killer. But Who Was He , Why Is He After Samantha And John? TO BE CONTINUED...

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