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This is the story of my friend Dea. I hope you like it:)

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011



Dea Fleet has 4 sides:

  1. Sweet:)
  2. EVIL:<
  3. Crazy
  4. Normal

?Normally I see the crazy side in her , screaming "MUMMSE WHERE ARE MY CHEERIOS." in a british accent:D


And she makes good clay dragons.

Hey I just spelled out NBA I just noticed that! Im going to underline it..

I underlined it because shes totally good at basketball too!


Im going to write a short story about her... I hope you like it. (in no way in this true, well some of it is... but... haha)


I lazely blew my hair out of my eyes staring with a bored expresionon the smart board on which my teacher, Ms. Vandman was exampling a complicated problem involiving decimals and square roots.

"Math was no subject to be having FIRST hour"i thought with slight annoynce tappingmy number 2 pencil onmy desk, because god knows the only thing thats worst then math first hour would be gym,and the only thing standing betweenme and falling asleep right here was a moutain dew in the morning,I didn't need to run laps!

I sighed and flipped my brunette hair once again out of my eyes, just then the door opened and in came a pretty red headed girl about 3 inches taller then me.

she walked up to Ms. Vandman as all heads turned to her, she and Ms. V quietly whispered to one other, "probably cheaking her schedule" I thought.

'This is are new student, Dea Fleet" Ms. V suddenly said, breaking the hushed silence.

Dea waves shyly her beautiful red hair curling prettyly around her face, she was wearing light jeans and a pretty flowered shirt,"Hi" she said smiling,but under all that shyness i could tella unquie ,crazy, good friend ,was just waiting to break through.

She sat down in the empty seat in front of me in the back row I smiled at her, then quickly scibbled down something a piece of paper.

To: Dea Fleet

From: Sarah Featchman

Hey! You must be new here. So Im going to fill you in.

Because you have pretty red hair your going to be WILDLY popular!

lol anyway, dont pass this note back only a skilled note passer can survive

in this class, im not joking. She has the hawks eyes.

P.s: (if you need me to show you around. ill be here all day. :P )

I quickly signaled to my friend Rose, who was my distracter in this class for passing notes and she nodded quickly shrieking out,"OH MY GOD! STOPPPPP PULLING MY HAIR JOEY!"

"poor.... poor Joey" I thought when Ms. V's hawk eyes turned on them, but before I had Dea had time to blink I was slapping the note softly on Dea's desk, I saw her eyes quickly glance down then she scibbled something down onto it and before I had time to blink it was back on my desk.

By that time Ms. V had settled Rose's fake problem, Joey looking annoyed, and she resumed her teaching i looked at Dea and she gave me a smug smile, i laughed.

To: Sarah

From: Dea

I may be more skilled at passing notes than YOU think.

P.s (thanks. will keep in mind (:)

"Dea was turning out to be a interesting friend" I thought,"and she definetly has the skill note note passing down." definetly.

Me and Dea gave each other sly grins and turned back to the board grinning.

TO BE CONTINUED>>>>>>>>> (:

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