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This is my idea of the perfect place for me to live in:)
Please read, comment or like.
Be sure to tell me about your idea of paradise if you have one to read, and leave it in the comments!:D THANKS!
P.s (I got this idea from my friend Dea, she wrote her own, if you'd like to cheak it out, her booksie name is Dea Fleet. Ty, dea. ty. :P)

Submitted: January 09, 2012

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Submitted: January 09, 2012



The sun glinted softly of the sparkling lake, the warmth gushed across my face as I looked tword the sun, the wing blew at my hair splaying it over my shoulder.

I heard the blue birds chirping up high as I breathed in the scent of the pine trees all around me, I wanted to chirp along with the carefree birds until long into the night, but instead I head tword home my mouth curled upward.

The birds turned tword me their eyes glinting offering me a symphony of goodbyes as I went on my way, my blue dress swayed as I walked.

I hummed to myself looking at the clear blue sky overhead, basking in the warmth.

A beautiful fox stopped in front of me glaring with cunning eyes,but just as quickly as it had came it was gone, following suit soon after came a tumbling cute baby fox.

I laughed a warm sweet sound in the middle of all this beauty, my eyes flickered over to a patch of beautiful wild flowers, a field of them! Hundreds!

I smelled their sweet purfume and picked a couple to put in a vase in my cabin.

At last, I came upon my cozy cabin, it was neither small, nor big a comfy in between, it was like a regular house, I just called it a cabin because I lived in it in the middle of the woods.

Dangerous, many people say to me. But I think differently, If you don't prevoke the animals they will not hurt you, sure a curious bear might come to your house one day, but let it be and it we wonder somewhere else.

I unlocked my cabin and stepped in smiling as I took notice of the flowers on my doorstep, Christopher must have stopped by again.

I put my wildflowers in a vase with Christopher's flowers and started chopping the fresh fruit in my fridge.

I pulled back my long, thick brunette hair back, because no way was it getting in my fruit, I was a perfectionest and would always be one.

I caught my reflection in the mirror, my wild hair in a ponytail and my darker brown eyes shining, I was 13 and lived in a cabin by myself, I still do not regret my choice to come here because as far as I know this is my paradise, my place of wonder, fantasy, bliss and life.

I love this place and in return it loves me.

This is my Perfect Place, My Paradise. <3

HEY!!!:) thanks for reading! The character is like me, and I tried to make the place as realistic as it could be. I might add on to it later if I have more time. Please leave comments on what you thought! Make a paradise of your own! ty;D

P.s Please cheak out my friend Dea's Perfect Place! her booksie name is Dea Fleet. :P TY!!!!



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