Averly Weston Introduction

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The introduction of what will be my first series. This will be a list of characters and their features. I know I know I'm supposed to work them into the story, but I just seem unable to at this point in my writing. I'll give fair warning I'm 12 years old and it's late summer, my grammar will be rather suck-ish, however it will be readable at all times. The only exception maybe the occasional miss type.

Submitted: July 24, 2012

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Submitted: July 24, 2012



Note I am not going to do this anymore so anyone who wants this can have it.

Averly Weston Introduction Character profile #1 Averly Adrian Weston

Name. Averly Adrian Weston

Age. 17

Skin Tone. Ghostly white much to her dissapiontment believe me.

Hair Color. Midnight black or so her hair dressers often said.

Hair Style. Curly in perfect ringlets

Clothing Style. Gothica and punk much to her parents dissaproval and constant complaint even though they would never dare tell her to change it.

Makeup Style. Dark colors eyeliner in silver black or white everything else but her lips the same, as her lips are treated a clear lip gloss.

Hobbies. Sarcasim, Reading,Writing, and doing things which are mostly more than just a little bit illegal with her sister

Tattoos, A black skull on her right wrist, and a black rose on her left wrist.

Piercings. Lip, nose

Character proflie #2 Adrian Averly Weston

Name. Adrian Averly Weston

Age. 17

Skin Tone. Light tan to her sister reluctant envey, reluctant to adimt anyhow.

Hair Color. Brown with natural red highlights

Hair Style. Also perfect curly ringlets

Colthing Style. Neon goth or in other words gothic mixed with neon colors

Makeup Style. Mascara heavy black eyeliner and you guessed it neon eyeshadow

Hobbies. Bouncing around like a gothic barbie doll, annoying everyone but her sister, and doing things which are mostly more than just a little bit illegal with her sister

Tattoos. Black skull on her left wrist black rose on her right wrist.

Piercings. Lip nose

Character profile #3 Ashley Amanda Weston

Name. Ashley Amanda Weston

Age. 35

Skin Tone. Pale white

Hair Color. Light brown

Hair Style. Straight

Clothing Style. Tradtional stuck up rich lady clothing

Makeup. Conceler mascara rouge lip gloss little bit of eyeliner

Hobbies. Book club, shopping, Cooking, Puzzle, and keeping her husband in line.

Character profile #4 Andre Adam Weston

Name Andre Adam Weston

Age 36

Skin Tone Tan

Hair Color Black

Hair Style . He's a dude there aren't many options

Clothing Style. Tradtional stuck up MARRIED rich dude clothing

Makeup NONE

Hobbies Working Working Working Eat( A/N i just realized that said eat shit lol ignore that) Shit Work some more If you get the point

Character profile #5 Adam Ashton Weston

Name Adam Ashton Weston

Age 21

Skin Tone Tan

Hair Color Light Brown

Hair Style He's a dude not many options

Clothing Style Gangster get up With a little goth mixed in

Makeup A little eyeliner some rouge

Hobbies being a player, partying, and again doing things which are mostly more than just a little bit illegal.

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