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This may become an entire story one day; the surrounding details of this scene are in my head... and in case you're wondering, the girl's name is Cyril and she's a mentally unstable half-werewolf.

Submitted: November 13, 2011

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Submitted: November 13, 2011



The girl they dragged in next was not so complacent, to say the least.  They literally dragged her in, three of them, kicking and screaming in the most glorious sense of the phrase.  She thrashed in their grip like a wildcat, howling and screaming profanities that could have made truckers flinch.  Her flailing hands found skin to tear at, her elbows collided with their heads and shoulders, and her feet bashed the guards' shins and kneecaps.  They could not keep the girl restrained well enough to prevent her strikes, she was in such a fury.  Her struggles weren't totally in vain, either- two of the guards sported broken, bloody noses, and the third had one eye swollen halfway shut.  All were adorned with scratch marks from her vicious fingernails.

When they finally got her to the back of the room, in the corner opposite mine, they threw her forcefully to the ground.  To my astonishment, and theirs, she bounced up off the floor like she was made of rubber and flung herself at the nearest guard.  She grabbed onto his uniform jacket and drove her knee into his crotch. As he sank to his knees, breathless and shocked, she began laughing manically, then wrapped her arm around his neck and wrenched upward in one swift, brutal motion.  She took one step back and kicked the corpse over, still laughing.

"Fuck you all!" she screamed.

For a moment, everyone froze and stared.  She stood, battered and bloody, over the body of the guard she'd just killed bare-handed, laughing her ass off, and raised her middle finger to the remaining two guards.  Then the stunned moment passed, and one guard stepped forward and delivered a hook punch that cut the manic laughter off.  Unconcious, the girl crumpled to the ground, left hand still clenched with her middle finger up.


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