Dead Symphonies- Too Many Melodies

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a Dead Symphonies piece

Submitted: December 10, 2009

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Submitted: December 10, 2009



Dead Symphonies:
Too Many Melodies
Sweet they drift and ebb on the breeze, soft like the whitest lace of light. They follow, whisper softly, do you listen, listen to the trains rush by but they cannot crush the melody. Swift. Switch. Twitch. They change and morph, materialize into dreams, nightmares, things you fear and want to be. The melodies see. A mock eruption of gravel and petals build on, bicycle wheels turning with safety reflectors clicking on spokes but one, two, three of them are cracked and it’s nighttime and your brakes won’t work. Under the sky without a time, each breath you take imbrued with song, voices, instruments. Rising. Falling. Calling. Can you match the tempo, the temporary beat, it moves your feet and you find yourself dancing in the street under a midnight sun with no knowledge of how you got there. The memories clamour, screech and beg and brood, wanting to be heard but are ignored. Lockout. Block out. Cop out. Take the easy escape. Down the branching side streets they don’t know which way you’ve gone and the cacophony they raise is slowly left behind as you run, run away.  

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