Give it Time

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Submitted: February 02, 2013

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Submitted: February 02, 2013



Your touch left scars,

but I won't focus on them, 

because that's petty

when I've inflicted

so many of my own;

maybe on you, and probably

on others, but definitely

on myself.

I hated me more than

anyone else; I mean, at least

you pretended to care.

I knew as many of your lies

as I knew my own-

you couldn't keep secrets

behind those smug eyes.

Your careless words burned

and your indifference did hurt,

it stung that your past

was important,

but not mine.

You shrugged and you said

"give it time."

I tried to explain

but you just asked me to lie still,

so I gave my time

in scarred, stoic silence,

and in time, I left you behind.

You were only

a stepping-stone, and when

I stepped off, you cried.

I hope you understand

that you never earned my pity,

and understand

I don't need to apologize,

because I took your advice-

I gave it time.

And in time I realized

that you weren't worth mine.

I still had the courtesy

to say goodbye;

you just hung up the phone

like a sulky child,

but I was not your toy.

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