A Day In The Life Of A CCTV

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Ever wonder how inanimate objects might think? i'm sure you have. Some things aren't supposed to think like us human. Ever wonder that something, for instance a CCTV camera might describe its life or its thoughts?
Fortunately a CCTV camera was kind enough to tell us how he spends a day in his life. If you wondered just like me, read on to find out what he has to say ...!!!

Submitted: April 26, 2016

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Submitted: April 26, 2016



Hey guys. I’m a CCTV camera. It is kind of sad to say that I am one of the most ignored objects in modern age. But the perks of it are way too great, too. Cameras like me have become a need of the modern times, because let’s be honest, how long can a man sit and look at some place without getting bored or even worse dozing off. Surveillance is a crucial issue which in my opinion cannot be taken lightly. So believe it or not, I am doing a very important task for some human who is way too busy being lazy. My dad, Walter Bruch was a German engineer. And he created my ancestors long time ago in World War 2, so that the launch of V-2 rockets could be watched safely from a distance. Back then it was a big and intricate system, but nowadays CCTVs like me are pretty common.

I’ll spare the details of my past. Me and my friends circle of cameras (we call ourselves the ‘surveillance buddies’) never sleep. In fact we coordinate and gather footage 24x7. Over time we have proved ourselves really useful. A day in my life may sound extremely boring. I mean let’s be honest, who would want to sit in a place and just watch whatever happens. It is a little tiresome in some people’s opinion. But on the contrary I think watching people and everything they do is actually intriguing. But before I begin I would like to know how you picture me. I actually don’t mind how you picture me but if instead of this:

You should picture me like this:

This is because I’m about to tell you something about myself. I am a CCTV camera placed in one of the grandest places in the world. The Times Square. I can always proudly say that cause Times Square is one of the most happening places in the world. The public here never sleeps. To see how spectacular this place is you would have to be me. Since you can’t, I’ll talk you through it. Even though some places quiet down when it gets late, Times Square is one of the places which never sleep. It is an immense joy to be in such a place. I’m sure my friends in Piccadilly Circus in London and Shibuya station in Tokyo and CST in Mumbai will concur.

The best occasions in this picturesque place would be the New Year's Eve, Christmas and the super bowl. But today I will tell you about an ordinary day in my life. Let's break it down into 3parts. 1) Morning 2) Afternoon 3) Evening

Let's start with the mornings. They usually begin with men and women walking down the footpath with 'coffee-to-go' and rushing around poles and across the streets. This sounds simple enough at 7 but by 9, place is a crazy army of all kinds of working people. One could clearly hear a businesswoman calling out for a taxi or see a young man late for a meeting. The screens in the square usually show up popular news and relevant ads. This chaos continues till noon. Then the traffic slows down a bit, footpaths become less crowded. And the whole army of people dissipates.

Here onwards we enter the afternoon phase. This phase experiences a quite atmosphere for a while. Until 1, 1:30 when all those busy people we saw in the morning comes out to grab a bite to eat. At this point all the hotdog and Hamburger carts start appearing on the streets. One of the notable events during this period is theft. Cunning snatchers are active during this time. The other day I saw a woman who was talking on the phone. Unsuspecting women was unaware of the homeless guy who had sneaked up being her. In a swing he caught hold of her purse and disappeared into the crowd. She helplessly kept shouting for help, but no. I almost felt pity but things like this keeps happening. It’s a tough world out there and you have to face it. At the end of this phase the crowd begins to retreat home.

This marks the beginning of rush hour. As of 5pm you will see about a thousand people on the street numerous taxis and utter confusion. Also a specific kind of people begins to come at this hour. Tourists. They come from all over the world, it’s always difficult to tell who is who but when you see that camera in the hand, and you know this person doesn't belong here. Between 7 to9, you will be witnessing one of the busiest places in the world. Traffic always and always leads to accidents. You won't believe me if I tell you that one day a taxi driver literally mounted the curb to escape the traffic. That is how insane the traffic here really is. Sooner or later you will notice that the briefcases and files will disappear from people’s hands and will be replaced with beer bottles. Formal wear will transform into casuals or party wear. And the insane traffic turns down its momentum. But hold on, friends. This doesn't end fast. This is New York and this is Times Square. This late evening period is what I call the 'Hour of Fun'. It’s not exactly an hour but if you are out by 11, you will see a fun side if New Yorkers. There are those who keep partying all night. Sure we have a name for these, 'Knights of the night'. These young people party all night. Then there are the couples, who go out on romantic dates and at the end of it go on peaceful walk through the city. At this point the Times Square looks beautiful and colorful. Filled with people and cars and colorful ad screens. I could talk you through it but it looks something like this:

And the streets remain this way all the way to 2 sometimes 3 o'clock. And then the streets get deserted. People are seen to be going home.

And when it all seems over, it suddenly is 6 am and the city block livens up again. That's enough incentive for readers to come and check it out. This is a day in my life as a CCTV camera at the amazing and beautiful Times Square.

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