The Deadly Odds Experience Summer

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This is just a short, random drabble I wrote for fun. It helps understand the character's personalities more, and it really has nothing to do with the story the characters are from. (It's called Lorad, and Nafappe and the Deadly Odds belong from there, too)

Nafappe, Tekram, Nedra, Breena, Grilas, and Yarkren (c) me

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012




It was a bright and wonderful morning in port city Nafappe, with the sun gazing at the city in sheer heat. The tides lapped gently on the shore and the wealthy citizens played or tanned or simply went for a walk in their nicely designed bikinis and swim suits. The souls, however, were up to no good. 
“What are they wearing?” Nedra complained, watching as a happy couple walked by. “I mean, all this skin! Is this normal?” 
Grilas rolled her eyes. “There are some that cover the belly, too,” she added helpfully.  
“Hey, we were once humans,” Tekram said in spite of herself. “We just never went to the beach before…” she rubbed the back of her neck. 
Nedra sighed heavily. “It’s rather shameful,” she said, tugging the hem of her poncho. She glanced at nearly bare bodies almost everywhere and shuddered in disgust. She stared at one particular girl, though, and shouted, “Hey, you!” 
The girl turned around, stunned. She wore a shimmering blue bikini, with bows and laces decorating it. Her luscious blonde hair was tied a ponytail and wrapped with a matching ribbon. “Yes?” 
She must have been frightened, for most people have never seen anyone more pale. But of course, what they didn’t know was that these souls were dead. 
“What’s with the skin?” Nedra blurted, pointing at the girl. The other souls stood behind Nedra, watching with amazement at their leader’s bravery.
“Excuse me?” the blonde asked. “Skin?” 
Nedra almost face palmed herself, shaking her head. “You know, your outer layer of skin? Epidermis?” 
The girl nearly laughed. “Uh, yes. It’s very hot out, if you’re wondering.” 
What Nedra really would have done now was throw her head into the burning sand and kick it and bury it. The other souls strained themselves not to laugh either. 
“No! Why do all these people, including you, show so much skin?” Nedra said loudly, almost yelling. 
The blonde took a step back. “It’s honestly too hot out to wear anything else to the beach.” she pointed at the sun without exactly looking at it. “See that? I mean…if you could look at it, anyway, it’s what’s causing all this heat. It’s a star called the Su-” 
“I did not ask for an astronomy lesson!” Nedra cried. This time she really did slap her forehead.
The stranger looked at Nedra and almost seemed terrified. “Um, well I guess people wear bikinis on hot days. The less clothing you wear the less hot it would be for you.”
Breena giggled from behind Nedra. Nedra turned around before one could snap and glared at her with fiery silver eyes that shone brighter than the moon. 
The blonde girl continued. “I could get you one. A bikini.” 
The soul jerked back and almost took this as an insult. “Well, it is rather hot, but I wouldn’t da-”
“Great!” The girl exclaimed and ran off, seeming to be glad that she was away from the insane soul. It wasn’t but several minutes that she came back, and surprising she did. She brought along with her a polka-dotted pink bikini and handed it to Nedra.
Nedra took it slowly, then examined every inch of it. Once she was done she looked up. “Okay. So how do you put it on?” 
The blonde laughed in embarrassment. “Oh, no, I can’t really do it for you. But you first take off all your clothes..” she paused and her cheeks grew rosy. “then put the top over your head as if putting on a shirt. And the bottom, it’s the easy part because you can’t really put it on any other way.” 
"Alright, seems simple enough.” Nedra looked around for any restrooms and didn’t succeed. “Is there a private place I can change?” 
The other girl pointed at a small building and the soul was off. Only minutes later she reappeared, and the other souls had to stop and admire their friend and had a weird need to touch her skin. 
“You look, strange!” Tekram commented. “Like those other...people.”
Breena grimaced, staring at Nedra. “I’m afraid you’ll leave us to join them,” she said quietly. “Please don’t leave…” 
Nedra laughed. “I hope not!” she said, stretching her arms out above as far as they could go. “I feel…free. It’s different than I had expected, and that other outfit was hot.” 
The blonde smiled, and slowly backed away. Then she ran off to find her friend. When she reached her she gasped, “I gave a stranger your bikini.” 
Now, you don’t hear that everyday.


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