Two Lives

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It's a poem about two lives.

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013



Two Lives

Two homes,

Two lives,

Two different paths,

Both day and night.

Two different songs,

Two different ears,

Two different parents,

And two different years.

Two more weddings, 

Or maybe just one,

But he can't replace him,

And she can't replace her.

Two different stories,

Two different lies.

This is a life,

Two different lives.

This is the life so many of us share.

Two different bodies,

Two different chairs.

Two different rooms, 

With two different beds.

Two different places that I rest my head.

Two different cars,

Two different holidays,

Two of each parent,

In the life we live.

At least we don't have two different shcools.

Sometimes we have two different counties.

Two different states.

Two different countries.

A sad, sad fate.

This is what happens when parents divorce.

The children are split,

Forced into two different lives.

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