In This Perfect Utopia, With You

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
I wrote this for a person whom I love very much, she just doesn't know it yet. Should I tell her?

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



Just one dance, that's all it took, to change my thoughts of you,

Wondering if there could ever be an 'us', as I clung to you like glue.

Staring into those perfect eyes of yours, I found your soul and heart,

It beat steadily as we danced, perhaps it was love from the start,

And suddenly something clicked, like a light had just turned on,

My heart began to love again, a love I thought had gone.

Perhaps that love never left, perhaps it was always there,

Just lying in wait in the shadows, for when I had a moment to spare.

Now I have many moments to spare, and those are spent thinking of what could be,

Is it really possible, or am I just dreaming, to think of and you and me?

What if I'm not? What if it happens? What would I do then?

Kiss you and tell you “I love you”, over and over again.

But that's all a dream right now, what's real is those few minutes, when we danced the night away.

Maybe you will see this poem, months from now and ask me “Why didn't you say?”

I'll answer that now and save you the trouble, “Babe, I didn't know how...”

“I wanted to know before!” You'd say, tears streaming down your face. “I'm telling you here and now.”

Perhaps then you'd wrap your arms around me, pull me close and share a kiss,

Then our feelings sealed, we'd stay there and stare at each other, lost in heavenly bliss.

Walking through the corridors, our hands are interlocked, and you're not leaving my side,

Kiss me on the lips, your tongue running a racecourse, in a passion which only you can provide.

And in this perfect Utopia, I'd spend each second of each day with you,

Never leaving you, not for a moment, experiencing this feeling that's new.

I could sit there for hours and listen to your voice, like songbirds all in a throng,

You'd reach for your guitar, sit on my lap and I'd ask you: “Sing me song.”

And so you'd belt out one of my favourites and I'd smile as you sang,

You'd smile back and keep on singin', off your every word, I'd hang.

And then when you were finished you'd kiss me, warming my heart right through,

Laying beside me in the sand, you look into my eyes and say: “I love you.”

And with that you'd close your eyes and fall asleep, and I'd whisper: “I love you too.”

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