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Submitted: March 25, 2015

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Submitted: March 25, 2015



It was around 4 a.m.

My laptop blinked, and a jade pop-up box filled the screen entirely.  There were no messages, but three buttons side-by-side.  I instinctually clicked the button on the very right.  The screen blinked several times more and the pop-up was gone. 
“… Wow.  You ended the world.”  Said a voice from my laptop. 

I lied on the carpeted floor of my room, confused.

Well whatever that was, it’s gone.

My laptop proceeded to play the movie I was watching. 

It was 2 p.m. and shining through my window was the bright summer weather when I woke up.  Stretching my arms to the ceiling, I made up my mind to take a walk outside. 

There were no text messages on my phone the whole day.  A strange feeling of loneliness and appreciation of privacy overcame me.  It quickly turned into a feeling of extreme boredom. 

Right away, I grabbed the car-keys and trotted out my empty house.  The weather was perfect.  I took a deep breath, appreciating the not-too-cold-nor-too-hot temperature and the light, serene breezes. 

I drove down to my favorite nature trail, which was about 15 minutes away.  To my surprise, there weren’t anyone there; nor did I see anyone on the way there.  Not a single car was parked in the parking lot. 
Cool.  All the trail to myself.

I playfully swerved into a parking spot, letting out an unenthusiastic, “Wee...”

There were three walk-able trails, side by side, that I could choose from to start venturing.  The first two from the left connected eventually.  I chose the trail on the very right, which was its own path entirely.  Although shorter than the other trails, this one engulfs a beautiful lake halfway.  I suddenly realized that I never took this path before.  Every time I came here, I always went to the trails that connected to each other, and strangely, I couldn’t say why I did.  I just always did. 

It felt like a few minutes when I got to the lake.  I sat on a boulder that stood over the edge of the lake.  The lake was beautiful. 

“…Wow.  I ended the world…”

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