I Made It Happen

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A play about a play

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



I Made it Happen

By: Hayden Scott









ALSTON walks on stage


ALSTON. (To audience) Do you recognize me? Do you know who I am?


LOOKS to the audience and around the auditorium


Well, CHUCKLES I’m Alston and in my power I caused the worse drama that anyone could possibly handle.  I didn’t want to, but they left me no choice…and I did my best to fix it. I’m sure I’ll be in the newspaper by morning but nobody suspects a thing. What am I saying? Look at me I’m innocent, and nobody would suspect that I would do such a thing.  


BRIAN and ALEXANDRIA enter the stage.


ALEXANDRIA. I’m so glad you got the keys to the auditorium; this extra rehearsal is going to help us a lot.


BRIAN. It will, that’s why I made a copy of the key so just in case we need to rehearse a little more after tonight.


ALSTON. They think that they are alone, but what they don’t know is that I’m hiding…I’m waiting.


BRIAN grabs for ALEXANDRIA’s hand and she ignores the fact that he’s trying to hit on her.


ALEXANDRIA. Which is why I invited the rest of the cast to come and rehearse with us, we all can use this rehearsal. Since Mr. Hastings has been sick for a while we haven’t come a long way, and-


BRIAN. (With Interruption) You invited the rest of the cast? I thought we were just going to work on our parts, just me and you…you and I?


ALEXANDRIA. This is a five person play, and we all have to be the best.  Even though you and I are clearly the best at what we do, you can never have enough practice.


BRIAN. (Disappointed) Yeah, just as I suspected.


ALSTON.  Exhibit “A”, the boy who likes the girl…the boy, who wanted to be alone with the girl. Get the picture? I could have easily framed him, but I just wanted me to have fun with this revenge.


ALEXANDRIA. Where are they? I told them that call was 9:30 for all of us, and its. CHECKS watch 9:35. Everyone knows that being late for call is precisely unprofessional.


BRIAN.  We could just work on our part, just the both of us until they show up I mean we do come on within the opening scene.


ALEXANDRIA.  Alright, and since I did write the play I know all my lines.


BRIAN. I know all of mine to.


ALEXANDRIA.  Alright, so should we start?


BRIAN. Yeah.  


ALEXANDRIA. (Starting to rehearse and getting into character) Excuse me.


BRAIN. Yes, did you need something?


ALEXANDRIA. I was wondering if you know where auditions are being help at?


BRAIN. I do, right down HESITATES the eyes.


ALEXANDRIA. (Confused) The eyes? That’s not your line.


BRIAN. I’m sorry, but you’re just so beautiful.


Something FALLS and makes a sound offstage


ALEXANDRIA. (Startled) What was that?


ALSTON. You see that, that wasn’t me but I was there.


ALEXANDRIA. (Scared) Okay, maybe we should go, maybe we should just rehearse tomorrow during study hall.


BRIAN. It was nothing, something just fell over.


Lights go off.


ALEXANDRIA. Okay, now I’m scared. (ALEXANDRIA slaps BRIAN and SCREAMS)


BRIAN. What was that for?


ALEXANDRIA. You touched me.


BRIAN. What? No I didn’t.


Lights go back on, CARY laughs and FRANK comes on stage.


ALEXANDRIA. Seriously, grow up.


CARY. Grow up? Why don’t you ever have any fun?


ALEXANDRIA. Life is too busy for fun and games, we have to be serious and rehearse.


FRANK. Is she being serious right now?


BRIAN. Come on guys, we do need to rehearse.


ALEXANDRIA. We could be done earlier, we’ve been here thirty minutes it’s almost ten o clock.


FRANK. I’m sorry Mom.


ALEXANDRIA. Funny, where’s Tiffany?


CARY. She texted me, and told me she was here.


ALSTON. (Smiles) The beauty of always being innocent, look at them, look at every single one of them. They all have plans ahead of them, and they are all filthy rich kids, that only care about themselves. There was an incident today, in library. Nobody was there, nobody but me and Tiffany. I had this crush on Tiffany. (WALKS to FRANK) You see this guy, this guy likes Tiffany to but what she didn’t know is that he also likes Cary as well. There’s a reason why Tiffany isn’t here, and I’m the reason. She’s here, but she’s just in the prop room in the back corner. Teenagers these days, they just don’t ever learn. Me, I caught on and learned that being teased and made fun for no reason is just plain stupid.


FRANK. Look at this place; I’ve never been in here after hours.


CAREY. Way after hours.


FRANK. Do we really need to rehearse? I mean look, we’re here just the four of us.


BRIAN. Dude, we do need to rehearse.


ALEXANDRIA gets out her cell phone and calls TIFFANY, as she calls her, ALSTON gets out a girl cell phone and it rings. He looks at the cell phone and presses end.


ALEXANDRIA. (Worried) Alright, no answer what time did Tiffany text you?


CAREY. About twenty minutes ago, when we were planning to scare you.


ALSTON. If only Tiffany would agree to go out with me. Look at me, I’m attractive.


FRANK. Do you know if the prop room is unlocked?

BRIAN. It’s never unlocked.


ALEXANDRIA. Why do you need from the prop room?


BRAIN. The props.


ALEXANDRIA. Please hurry up; I have to be home by eleven.


ALSTON. This is really where it all starts, I followed Frank just to scare him but I wanted to wait. After he came back, I locked all doors from the outside. I wanted to kill Frank after killing Tiffany, but then again I knew if I didn’t I could make me him suffer with the loss of his supposedly dear Tiffany.  I really had no reason for what’s going to happen next, but I just had the adrenaline rush.


FRANK runs on stage in a hurry.


FRANK. (Looks sick) Guys, guys I think I’m going to be sick.


CAREY. Sick, you look as if you’ve just seen a ghost.


FRANK. I think I have, I saw Tiffany’s body dead in the corner of the prop room.


BRIAN. Can’t you knock it off with the pranks?


ALEXANDRIA. We haven’t even rehearsed, and now look time is almost up.


FRANK. (Irritated) Look, go take a look for yourselves she is in there dead and I’m going home. She didn’t answer her phone right?


ALELXANDRIA. Yeah but. This could all be a part of a joke.


BRIAN. He does seem serious.


ALEXANDRIA. You’re in on it to?


BRAIN. You know what, let’s go check.


LIGHTS go off, as a spot light is on ALSTON and CAREY.


ALEXANDRIA. Okay, guys hahaha the jokes on us.

BRIAN. Very funny Tiffany, you got us.


FRANK. I’m not joking around; Tiffany is dead in that prop room.


ALSTON pulls CARY into the spot light with him, she screams so the whole room is echoed and is stabbed in the waist.


FRANK. Carey, (the lights go back on and CAREY is seen holding herself as she is on her knees. CAREY is freaking out, crying) Do you believe me now?


ALEXANDRIA. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. (breathing hesitantly) Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Someone is in here, I’m going to be sick to. (Holds on to her stomach.)


(FRANK is ripping part of his shirt to wrap around CAREY’s wound.)


BRAIN. Alright, show yourself!


ALEXANDRIA takes out her phone, and tries to call police but phone lost service.


ALEXANDRIA. Does anyone have service?


FRANK. No, I have Sprint.


BRIAN. Same, here. 


ALEXANDRIA. We can’t leave, because he is here or she.


CAREY. (Trying to speak) He stabbed me.


FRANK. Stay calm, don’t talk.


ALSTON. I did it, did I like what I did? I don’t know, from then on I decided that I did enough killing enough to label my ego as a murderer.


MR. HASTINGS enters the stage angry.


MR. HASTINGS. Let me stop you right there, you guys are doing a great job, but I want more exaggeration. Bigger is always better. You’ve got the lines down, and blocking now just do it again and bring something different to it.




MR. HASTINGS. This is a really good play Alston; I have a good feeling about it.


ALSTON. Thank you, I was bored during seminar.


All shakes there head in agreement.


MR. HASTING. Does anyone know why Tiffany isn’t here?


CAREY. She said that she’d be soon.


Lights go off

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