It's Life

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Trying to live life.

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



Maybe it’s time I rephrase my mind

Think about some things, some things of mine.

Life is hard; it’s been a hard attack,

Me plus I, let’s do the math.

Sometimes I feel alone, like no one’s there

Not even a spirit, haunting through the air.

Nothing but the gold, turning into rust

Eventually caught on fire, turned into dust,

I don’t know, where to go from here

I sleep through my days, in frightened fears.


At night I’m awake, too dark to find my way,

I’m a slug, slowly trying to say.

I need some help, I need to change

My hours are going, on as they fade away.

I’m left alone, all home by myself

It’s just me and me,

Trying to call for help.

I try to yell, out the window

But I’m too far away, because I’m a lone

I try, to make it for the better

Instead the clouds keep rising, making it greater


Greater for its growth, weaker for my strength

No edge to hold, I’m losing length.

I have some questions I really need to ask,

Who do I run to; it’s a bite in the ass.

Maybe I’m not looking hard enough,

This is difficult, this is rough.


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