Locked In By: Hayden Scott

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Mr. White is trying to finish his novel, but then is locked in when Ella can't open the door from the inside.

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011



Locked In

By: Hayden Scott

MR. WHITE…..Male…Writer 


FRANK…..Male…Friend of Mr. White’s, best friend of Joe’s

JOE….Male…. Friend of Mr. White’s, best friend of Frank’s.

JOHN….Male…House fixer


(MR. WHITE is in his office, typing on his laptop as he is trying to finish up working on his novel.)


MR. WHITE. (Frustrated) No, no, no. That can’t possibly be it. I’ve never written an ending so horrible. I need something new, I need something more than the unusual…but what?


(Mr. White is pressing back space, trying to come up with something new. Ella knocks on the door, causing MR. WHITE to become more aggravated.)


ELLA. Mr. White (Knocks on the door again.) Mr. White, please it’s an emergency.


(ELLA walks in unwelcomed.)


MR. WHITE. What is it? Can’t you see I’m busy?

ELLA. Yes I know you’re rather busy, but I just can’t decide.

MR.WHITE. Decide on what? If it’s trying to decide what kind of cookies to make for desert tonight, than please leave my office at once; I need to concentrate.


(ELLA starts to leave and puts her hand on the knob and then turns back towards MR. WHITE.)


MR. WHITE. Alright, what is it? What is so important, that you just had to come and interrupt my thoughts?

ELLA. I…I can’t decide, on what kind of…pie to make for dessert.

MR. WHITE. (Sighs) Did you not just here what I just said?

ELLA. Yes I did, and you said that if it’s about cookies, I was asking about pie. You can’t go wrong with pie, which is why it’s so hard to decide whether or not to make a cherry pie, or an apple pie.

MR. WHITE. (Rolls eyes) Make both.

ELLA. Both? Supper is almost ready; it’s in the oven now.

MR. WHITE. Then apple, you should have known that in the first place that apple is my favorite kind of pie.

ELLA. Alright, then apple it is. (ELLA is noticing that MR. WHITE is working on his novel.) How is the novel coming along?

MR. WHITE. It’s…it’s coming, now would you please go start the pie and let me alone to work?

ELLA. Yes sir.


(ELLA walks to the door to leave, and turns the knob to open it. The door doesn’t open, and ELLA comes to the conclusion that she is locked in.)


ELLA. Mr. White…

MR. WHITE. Yes, what is it Ella?

ELLA. The door sir, I’m afraid it won’t open.


(MR. WHITE slams down his hands on the desk in annoyance, gets up from his desk, and then goes to check the door.)


MR. WHITE. (Opening the door) Yes the door is locked? How strange, it’s never been locked on its own before.

ELLA. Oh no, oh dear, does this mean we’re in here for good?

MR. WHITE. No, no. All I need to do is call Tom from next door, to come in and open the door.

ELLA. How do you know it’ll unlock from the other side?

MR. WHITE. It never hurts to try.


(ELLA is looking around his office, as MR. WHITE is making a phone call.)


MR. WHITE. (Listening to the phone ring) That’s funny, Tom didn’t answer.

ELLA. Don’t forget that there’s food in the oven.

MR. WHITE. Wouldn’t want the kitchen, catching on fire… Let’s see.

ELLA. (Panicking) So what do we do now?

MR. WHITE. I’ll make a call to John; he’s fixed many things in this house many things. In the mean time, just have a seat and wait. If I may, I’ll ask for your patience.






(MR. WHITE dials the number, and waits for JOHN to answer the phone.)


MR. WHITE. John, yes this is Mr. White. We have a problem; my house keeper and I are both locked in my office. I believe the front door is still un-locked if you could come and do what you need to fix it. If you could please come, I would appreciate that. Yes, thank you.


(MR. WHITE hangs up the phone.)


ELLA. So? What did John say?

MR. WHITE. John is on his way, he said that he’d be here ten minutes or less.


(FRANK is then heard from behind the door arguing with JOE.)


FRANK. You knew that Dorrence Publishing was a scam, and you know it.

ELLA. It sounds like Frank.

JOE.  I’m telling you I did not, why would I want to get my best friend involved with a scam like that?

MR. WHITE. Frank! Joe!


(FRANK, and JOE enter the office and JOE closes it without noticing ELLA and MR. WHITE trying to stop them from closing the door.)


FRANK. Mr. White, we have a problem.

MR. WHITE. Yes, we do.

FRANK. Why don’t you go ahead and tell them, about how you got my hopes up and then brought them down again.

JOE. Alright, I will, you see I told Frank about this publishing company, knowing that my best friend wants to become a writer. So after I told Frank about the submission opportunity, Frank sent in his work. Then right after, he heard back from them and they had sent him a contract.

FRANK. It was a contract asking for 1,000,000,000 by next month just to for the publishing process.

JOE. If I had known that it was a scam, I would have never suggested to you. 

FRANK. Who has that kind of money, just for the process? Now that’s a scam.

JOE. I did not know!

FRANK. How did you even hear it about?

MR. WHITE. (Highly irritated) Boys, yes that was a scam indeed. Frank, you should know better than to listen to Joe in the first place. You two are friends, forgive each other and move on. Now that problem is solved, we have another one.


(JOE turns to open the door.)


JOE. Mr. White, the door is locked.

MR. WHITE. (Sarcasm) No, really?

FRANK. We’re locked in?

ELLA. Not for long, help is coming soon.

MR. WHITE. Oh please Lord, soon.

JOE. (Sniffing) Do you smell that?


(All sniff)


FRANK. It smells like something is burning.

ELLA. Oh no, not my roast. I spent all day on it.

FRANK. You can kiss that roast good bye.

MR. WHITE. And my kitchen to, I can’t believe that this is happening to me.

JOE. I have an idea, maybe if I bang against the door hard enough it will break open.

FRANK. If you only had a window.

JOE. Alright, everyone step back and I’ll be the hero of the evening.


(JOE is getting ready to run up against the door and everyone steps back just as he says.)


JOE. One…two…three. (JOE Runs against the door, but nothing.) As much as that hurt, maybe I’ll try just one more time. (JOE counts down again and runs against the door.) One…two….three. (He starts to run against the door, as it opens JOE stops. JOHN comes in, and closes the door.)

JOHN. There was no problem with the door.

MR. WHITE. No, no, no, no! It’s locked from the inside.

JOHN. Oh well why didn’t say so, let me get my tool chest out. (JOHN looks around, and notices that he left it in the kitchen.) I believe I’ve left my tool chest in the kitchen, after putting out the small fire in the kitchen.

MR. WHITE. Then what’s the point? 

ELLA. Maybe we can try calling Tim again?

FRANK. Maybe you should have had a window built in the wall.

JOE. Maybe, if I try again I can break us out.

JOHN. Maybe I can call someone and have them come let us out.


(MR. WHITE picks up the phone.)


MR. WHITE. (Relieved) What’s the number?



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