The Old Man and Christmas

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Just a story to get into the Christmas Spirit!

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011



The Old Man and Christmas

By: Hayden Scott


The Old Man and Christmas was never a match

Things always went wrong his spirit never hatched

He lived alone with his old dog named Spike

No family around. No one to like

He sat by the fire with a cup of hot tea

“I don’t need a Christmas no Christmas for me.”

It was all quiet on a snowy eve night

The doorbell rang which he did not like!

He opened the door, the carolers were caroling

He soon got annoyed and slammed it without caring.

“Never return,” he yelled with an echo.

Then he stood with arms crossed and looked out the window,

The Old Man laughed at the houses with pretty bright lights

Then he mocked Santa Claus, “I’ve checked my list twice.”

He soon finished his tea and put it away.

“Tomorrow is Christmas just another living day.”

He fed Spike his food and went out of the kitchen

“I HATE Christmas, I’ve already mentioned.”

Later that night he sat watching TV.

“Old westerns will do, no Christmas for me.”

Then a bump on the roof startled him scared.

His eyes looked up, at the ceiling he stared.

“It’s just the wind,” He said with a doubt.

Then Spike barked and jumped onto the couch.

“It was nothing at all,” he thought to himself.

He looked back at the screen and said, “Oh well.”

He was soon interrupted with a voice from behind.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” No thought came to mind.

The Old Man got up and he was not happy.

He saw a big man; his white beard looked nappy,

“Who are you and how did you get in?”

“I came from the chimney of yours, my good friend!”

The Old Man wondered and could not believe.

“It could not be you this is just a dream.”

“Why is he here?” He thought again.

“It’s not a dream.” Then Santa held out his hand.

“What do you want from me? You have no business here.”

Santa chuckled a little. “I’m here to spread Christmas cheer.”

The Old Man looked at Santa like he was crazy,

“Your past might have been rough, but the present is ready.

Take hold of my hand and up we’ll go sleighing.”

The Old Man wasn’t for sure what he should do,

He thought for a moment this all could be true.

Then he petted Spike on the head and got on his coat,

Took hold of his hand as his spirit started to grow.

The snow was still falling as they got on the sleigh,

The sleigh had a heater to keep warm on the way

The Old Man didn’t know where they were to go,

He was so puzzled that he did not know!

Then he saw the bag of toys and the eight reindeer,

“You’ll be safe with me, please have no fear.

Let me show you around and tell you what Christmas is about.

As I deliver these toys on my Christmas Eve route.”

The sleigh started to rise up off the roof.

The Old Man then knew what he was going to do.

Santa called all the reindeer’s names,

Then off they went like a flash of flames.

Higher they went into the night sky

The Old Man was smiling as he saw the eve night.

After a few stops, The Old Man asked aloud,

“After all these years why did you come now?”

“They have all been bad but this year has been the worst.

You’ve been so naughty I need to stop this curse.”

As the moments passed The Old Man gained some spirit,

It was time for a break so he fed the reindeer their carrots.

The night was slowly getting old aging to morning.

“You seem to be changing, your goodness is forming.”

They were up in the sky The Old Man had laughed.

“I’m starting to feel happy, I’m feeling so glad.”

The Old Man was learning and soon was changing,

He began to like Christmas, his thoughts were rearranging.

The Old Man and Santa talked with glee,

During each stop as Santa shared his cookies.

“It’s been good, but I have to get home,

Things need to get done time is on the run!”

Santa’s job was done with The Old Man,

After they said their goodbyes, he gave himself a hand.

The Old Man was back at his non-spirited house,

He had changed his ways, he was happier than a mouse.

As he had returned The Old Man got an ax,

“I must get a tree, but oh my poor back.”

He went to his backyard which was not contained,

The tree had to be small so his strength will remain.

The Old Man had found a tree across his back yard,

He chopped it down and then carried it up, “This isn’t so hard.”

He went through the kitchen and by the fireplace,

Then removed some things to create some space.

The Old Man had nothing since he was a child,

He still had an idea but it would take a while.


He went to the kitchen and got forks, spoons, and knives

He had an idea to make them look nice.

Then The Old Man went and got some string

To tie the silverware as ordainments for the Christmas tree

It took some good effort but it didn’t take much time,

It would not be long before the morning sun shined.

He got some fruits and tied string around all twenty-eight

Then added the fruit to the tree and thought it looked great!

The Old Man was so cherry, more cherry than before,

He needed things done he needed lots more!

Up the stairs he went and got two socks,

Labeled one Spike and the other one Brock.

The Old Man went downstairs and hung them just right,

Then he went across the street to ask for extra lights.

The neighbors were surprised that he would ask such a thing

Then they gave him what was left. “Thank you kind Tings.”

He untangled the lights and hung them around the house’s border

Time was running out, time was getting shorter.

The Old Man did everything from food to displays,

Once he was done he shouted, “Hooray!”

Morning was rising and he got a stick and bone,

Then tied a bow around it as a gift for Spike to own

He had Christmas specials playing on TV.

“I like Christmas, Merry Christmas indeed!”

The Old Man heard voices, voices of song

Then he opened the door and he sang along

He joined the carolers as they were singing,

The Old Man liked the joy they were bringing.

Christmas went by and The Old Man loved it a lot,

He couldn’t wait till next year; he didn’t want it to stop.

He shared an early lunch with Spike, and then put it away.

Brock fell on the sofa and slept the rest of the day.

The Old Man and Christmas was now a good match,

Things finally went right, his spirit had finally had hatched!

© Copyright 2018 Hayden Scott. All rights reserved.

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