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Submitted: April 01, 2010

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Submitted: April 01, 2010



The vacation went well until...I met him.

My name is Emily Johnson. I'm 17 with brown hair and blue eyes. Life has always been boring to me. So now that my boring parents decide to take a vacation everything is hectic,
My mom is yelling at me constantly to pack and my dad is yelling at me not to not to talk back to my mom.

 I was sitting on the beach sipping from my tea. I was relaxing in what was suppose to be a Beautiful day when someone threw a Frisbee and hit me in the face.

"Oh my gosh"I screamed and stood up holding my now bleeding nose. A guy came running up to me and started laughing his butt off.

"Excuse me"I screamed in his face "What they heck is your problem"I shouted

"That was funny.The look on you face"He said red from laughter

"How about I give you something to laugh at"I said and looked at my hands which were now covered in blood.

"Ugh"I screamed took my tea and dumped it on him.

"Ha ha yourself you jerk"I said and glared at him. He gave me a dirty look but retreated with his Frisbee. I got a Towel and held it my nose as I walked to the main lobby.

"Can I use your phone"I asked the manager

"Yes"He said and pushed the phone in my direction. I called my parents and said they would be home soon so I walked up to the room and held my bleeding nose above the sink. My dad came in and demanded to take me to the hospital. Where they stopped the bleeding and I was allowed to go home.

My parents didn't ask much questions, Which was a good thing. So the next day when they left to go to some spa I headed for the beach again trying to regain lost time. Mission: Failed

He was sitting on the beach with what looked like his dog. He didn't have a bathing suit on but rather a t-shirt and jeans. He was turned towards the sunrise. He turned around when he saw me walking to my spot.

"Hey"He screamed at me but I ignored him

"Hey don't you answer when someone calls after you"He said as he sat beside me

"Don't you know how to treat others with respect"I asked and he chuckled

"nope"He announced

"whatever"I commented and tried to ignore him but he just kept sitting beside me. All of a sudden he started humming.

"Could you be a little quieter"I asked

"Can you be a little louder"He asked

"What do you want from me"I asked and he shrugged

"Nothing"He said

"Then leave"I said plainly

"Harsh"He said

"so"I said

"Why wont you just talk to me"He said

"You gave me a bloody noes and a headache"I said

"No the Frisbee did"He smiled

"Whatever"I said

"Well if you want my youth group is getting together tonight on the beach want to come"He asked

"Not really"I said

"oh you don't believe in God do you"He asked

"Of course I do. I just don't want to be in the same area as you"I said

"then hang out with other people"He said

"No"I said

"Whatever. But don't say I didn't ask"He said and began walking his dog to another part of the beach.

That evening it was an hour before the youth thing started. I gave up and decided to check it out. I got dressed in my jeans and nevershoutnever t-shirt.Once I got to the beach the music was blaring but I could still hear that boy's voice from a distance. I walked through the large crowd and saw him standing with his dog talking to some older guy. When he saw me he smiled

"Couldn't resist"He asked coming up to me

"I'm nosy"I said

"Right"He smiled "Want to dance"He asked offering his arm

"no"I said

"Please...I wont bug you for the rest of the vacation..."He pleaded

"Fine"I gave in and he led me to the dance area. We danced to a few fast songs but then a slow one came on and I walked away but he caught my arm.

"This includes slow dances"He grinned. I wanted to slap him but decided it would be best not to.

He put my arms around his neck and his arms around my waist.

"You know I never got your name"He asked

"Emily"I informed him

"Ah mine is Chad"He said

"Nice to meet you chad"I smiled

"You have a Beautiful smile"He said

"and you have a arrogant attitude"I grinned

"I know"He laughed but then got serious

"I know we only met yesterday and well it wasn't exactly pretty but maybe you want to go on a date with me"He asked shyly

"No"I said

"Oh"He looked down and backed away

"Just kidding"I smiled and he smiled to. Then and their I knew that love is found everywhere

"The end"I smiled as I told my youth group I was now teaching. I was now 61 years old and telling them about how me and husband Chad...who is now the preacher met. They all smiled and jumped up and down.

"Can you tell us another one please"They begged

"Yes can you"A voice came from the doorway and Chad walked in with the same Frisbee he used to give me a bloody nose.

"I would love to"I said and began another story.

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