I kissed superman

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Short story for Ryderstokes contest 'It's Christmas Time!'

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



My favorite christmas song Jingle Bell Rock played through the speakers, but even this couldn't cheer me up right now. My friends Jemina and Lauren had dragged me to the biggest christmas eve party of the year hosted by nonetheless Madeline, the most popular and annoying girl at my high school. I wanted to leave, I just couldn't stand being surrounded by these people, and it's not like anyone would notice me leave anyways. I quietly slipped past catfights between cheerleaders and drunk guys to the backdoor. Jemina was my ride home but knowing her she would be spending the night at some dudes house or in some dudes car. I put on my heels which I had taken off because ,y feet hurt like hell and truged slowly through the snow falling into my face and blinding me. It was dark outside and I could hardly seee anything thanks to the stupid streetlights we have that didn't even work. I hated this town with a passion and as soon as I turned eighteen I'm leaving, I might not even finish highschool it is a prision. I was at the bottom of the social ladder, that's one of the reasons I hate those parties so much, and I'm sure Madeline wouldn't be exactly thrilled if she saw me there either. We used to be best friends in...fifth grade, but once we got to middle school she started hanging out with the popular clique and left me alone, but I meet Jemina and Lauren and we've been friends since although they aren't exact;y the kind of people my parents would approve of me hanging out with. Oh well,  I sighed and started humming Jingle Bell Rock. A tear slide down my cheeck for whatever reason. I looked up at the stars and smiled to myself. Suddenly I was airbourne and I realized I had tripped but my face didn't smash into the ground. This time when I looked up I saw superman, Or atleast to me he was.  Insanly handsome, tall, and under his grey hat I could see Some small dark curls peeking through at the top of his forehead. I stood up and held on tightly to his hands.

"Careful Miss, I wouldn't want that pretty face of yours to get hurt." He said, trying to start a conversation. I was so caught up in his gorgous blue eyes that I almost didn't hear him. He followed me to a bench on the edge of the sidewalk.

"Uhm Thanks. For catching me, oh and the...compliment." I said back, I could feel my face was beet red as I smiled through the embarrament.

"No problem, do you...wouold you want to get some hot chocolate? Or if you need a ride somewhere I coukd drive you?" He asked sweetly.

"Sure." I said, the blush slowly leaving my face. He grabbed my hand and stood me up, taking my hand he put my arm around his neck and helped me jump over the curbs. Such a gentleman.


Once we had ordered, superman (I still didn't know his real name), led me to the loveseats near the fireplace.

"What's your name?" I asked him shyly.

"Mitchell or Mitch, whichever. What about you? Or I could just call you beautiful." His smile was so kind and reassuring. He brushed a small peice of blonde hair out of my face and I could practiclly see sparks fly.

"M-Megan." I stuttered. I was never very good around guys, I'm pretty much the most akward person you'll ever meet.

Mitch leaned in close to my face, slowly he came closer and put his lips against mine. I kissed superman on christmas eve!


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