Sisters Journey

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A journey through a rough pregnancy.... Of twins...
My story... Only at 15, your thinking ohh its gonna be like a usual story, thinking im making it up, or trying to get attention.. NOPE ALL TRUE!! I wanted to write it to get my feelings out there, to show people i was afraid, its ok to be afraid at times.. Not all pregnancies are the same or even close to the same!!

Submitted: January 09, 2012

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Submitted: January 09, 2012




As she waited for the reply

From her long time friend,


She watched as something caught her eye

A little blinking light at her screens end.


She closes her eyes and clicks the light,

Opens and reads what she sees.


6 more weeks go by…

She stands in front of her parents,

Waiting for their Answer.

Will they accept her and what she’s done?

Or will they leave her to rot in her mistakes?


She waits Silently,

“Ok, What do you need?” they respond.

She sighs and starts to explain.


6 more weeks go by.



With her long time friend at her side.

She waits for rumors to start up.

The guy she as with still can’t speak to her.

She wants to cry everyday,

Her friend giver her a hug and stops her tears with

Advice and confidence.

She couldn’t ask for more.


8 more weeks go by.


She’s 5 months now

She feels more and more symptoms each day,

Feeling more confused than ever,

She decides she’s going to keep it.


She tried and talks to the boy,

He tries and avoids her.

They’ve broken up.

She tells her friend and cries.

He goes and finds a prettier girl to keep him


He couldn’t ask for more


4 weeks go by.


She starts to prepare for what is coming.

She knows what she’s having for sure.

Twins, both girls.

Her and her friend smile and decide not to cut

Their own flesh for the sake of the girls.

They wait for the ultra-sound to show

Both healthy.


2 weeks go by.


She sits by the window looking out.

Rain is pouring down.

She gets a text.

A family friend found out her secret.

She isn’t worried.

The rain still falls,

The girls moved around, and they couldn’t be



2 weeks go by.


7 months now,

She has many things ready and waiting for them

She decides the girls’ names officially.

Jayde and Naeveh.

She can tell when they are either happy or sad,

They get excited when their mother laughs,

They like hearing her voice sing to them.


Her friend feels them for the first time,

They like to kick, they like knowing they’re safe.


Her and her family friend talk it over

He promised to always be there

Everything looks bright.


Another 2 weeks go by.

He waits for an answer.

She Accepts!

Her and her friend are happy.

The twins can tell their mother is happy.

They’re excited.


1 week goes by.


Things went from Amazing…

To confusing again…

It was almost a happy ending.


Rumors start again,

She isn’t sure,

She feels the need to see her blood fall from her



Things take a turn for the worse.

She is confused!!! She can’t do anything!

She feels like she’s falling.




Deeper and Deeper into a mess she can’t fix.



Her friend hates to see her like this.

She does what she can to help.

It doesn’t always work.

There isn’t much she can do to help her.


Another week goes by.

She’s in the hospital now…


Not for the kids…


But her blood pressure keeps rising…

Everyone is worried.


They don’t know what to do.

They feel helpless and hope less…

Lost almost…

Lost in a deep dark state of mind that has them

Running from there own shadows.

No one wants to loose her or the twins.

They cry…



A month passes.

After her hospital trip she feels better.

Knowing her true friends are by her side,

She almost lives normally for once.

Jayde and Naeveh know she’s happy.


2 weeks pass

She’s gotten into an argument.

With another of her long time friends.

She feels bad but wont back down from her


She’s strong.


1 week passes

It’s time.

She’s rushed to the hospital.

Her boyfriend took her (they made up, Thank God.)

She arrives!

They can’t find a room for her until the 3rd time.

While she waits she thinks about her girls and

When they will arrive.


She rests.


2:45 Monday

She’s finally brought into the Delivery room.

She starts the process.

It becomes obvious, she in need of a C-Section.


2:55 A.M.

Naeveh is the first to arrive, the first born.


3:00 A.M.

Jayde is born.

At last her family is complete.










12:00 P.M.

Terror strikes her happy family.

Naeveh Lynn is gone.

She cries out in pain and Love for her child.

Naeveh had premature problems and didn’t make it.

She was only 2lb. 3oz.

They are both premature

At least by a month.

Silence crowds the room as the family waits on

The status of Jayde.


12:26 P.M.

Finally the news arrived.

Jayde, 3lb. 11oz. 16.5in Long…

Healthy as can be








She’s given to her mother.


The term doesn’t hit her until she looks at her

Daughters face

“She’s beautiful.”

That’s all she can bring herself to say.

It starts to rain.


Jayde smiles at the rain,

She still likes the sound of it.


The new mother starts to cry

Her tears are full of pure joy.

She falls in Love with her Newborn Chile.



A few days later,

She’s finally home,

She’s not really sure what she’s in for exactly.

Late nights,

Hard Work,

Mixed Emotions,


But she knows one thing for sure.


Everything is worth it.

Everything is worth her.

Everything will be worth her beautiful Blessing,

Jayde Marie.


Jayde smiles up at her,

And it’s in this moment that she realizes,

She couldn’t be happier.



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