Curiosity Killed The Kids

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Submitted: March 24, 2016

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Submitted: March 24, 2016




I stood there looking at an empty house in which I used to call home. Everything I had ever known all packed up into hundreds of boxes and crammed all together in a UHAUL truck.All the memories I had ever made here were going to be gone and a new family was going to make wonderful and brand new memories in the very same place were my parents brought us home , where we celebrated our very first birthday, and celebrated most of the key important parts in our life.I never thought that we would leave, but I guess what you think, hope, or want most  doesn’t always work out. I guess it was just a hope and a want that we would never leave.But when it was time to leave we grabbed our suitcases and headed to the car. Walking down the stone pathway for the last time.Seeing the mailbox we painted and put our handprints on for our last time. Living and breathing in this town for the last time. When Macy my sister and I headed to the car we sat down not saying a word to our parents. The first 5-10 minutes were silent, until our mother decided she wanted to talk to us.

“Girls, don’t be upset we are going to have so much fun.”

Macy and I both looked down at the car floor mats and then looked into our mom’s eyes.

“No we're not, you and dad are acting like Peachtree is going to be so good for our family but it's not. I didn’t want to move, do you know how hard it is going to be making new friends in 8th grade, especially at a new school?”

Macy looked at me and smiled with a big grin.

“Baileys right mom, you don’t understand, at all.”

Mom sat there in shock, then turned around and began talking to our dad in a low whisper that parents use when they are talking about something serious, but don’t want you to hear.We drove on quietly after that, Macy and I kept falling in out of sleep until finally we arrived, about 5 hours later. We pulled up onto a long and very wide road with trees on all sides. Our house was dead in the middle of the court with the numbers 1567 on the mailbox.I was still mad at my parents for making us move and I knew they weren’t thinking about moving they knew that we were already moving because they had been building this house for a year and an half. I was just excited to see what it looked like because they have been making all of the design plans from home since I could remember.

(Added a tab)The new  house was much bigger than our old house, it was covered in brick and yellow siding. There was a flagstone path leading up to the huge white porch, which had a porch swing with tiny yellow flowers painted on the arms of the swing.There were two lights on the side of the door that were antique white with little scrape marks which gave them character. There is a huge front door and it is a great big golden oak door with long stripes of wood inside the piece of glass creating squares, the glass is clear so you can see right through to the living room.The door knob’s are a bronze color with a lot of character.

There were only five houses on the new court which was a whole bunch considering in our old neighborhood there were almost 20 houses on each side of the streets. I liked living in a great big and crowded neighborhood where if you needed anything there were people there for you, anytime of the day you needed them. The main living area was huge with a flagstone fireplace that leads mostly all the way up to the ceiling, which directly over the fireplace was an tv which I knew my dad asked for.The couch was a light tan colored with two matching love seats left and right of the main couch. There were white built-ins right beside the fireplace which had many books filling the shelves.There were little cabinet doors on the bottom of the last shelf, the floors were light chestnut colored flooring that looked really pretty. As I kept on walking I made my way into the very large kitchen which brownish colored granite countertops that looked really good with the sleek white cabinets that had a farmhouse meets modern feeling to it. All the appliances were stainless steel, they all still had the plastic on them from being shipped to the house. The next place on my tour was the dining room which was a pretty ordinary and simply arranged, there was a long light wood table with eight chairs, which were reupholstered with chrome beading on the sides of the light blue chairs. The downstairs was beautiful, so I decided to look upstairs and see what they had done to my room considering we didn’t take any of our furniture with us because mom had said that this was a new start so new everything.I kept walking, the rooms were labeled with a big letter which was our first name initial and when I found mine I turned the doorknob and opened the door.The room was beautiful, with grey walls, a queen bed with a white wood headboard, with a teal chevron bedspread with navy blue pillows.My dresser was teal with navy blue handles. I had a beautiful white mirror, with a desk on the wall by my door. My room was a dream but I was quite nervous about having my own room because I have shared with Macy for so long. But I guess that it was okay.

“Bailey, are you okay?”

I hesitated for a moment, what did she mean am I ok?

“Mom no I am not okay, why did we have to move its like you didn’t care

about what Macy and I thought.”

Mom sighed and then looked up at me with the look of desperation.

“Bailey, it was a hard decision for your father and I we just thought a

fresh start would be good for all of us, including you and Macy. Your

dad and I never meant to hurt you or your sister. Please don’t be upset

with us… Your dad and I love you with every inch of our body.”

“let me think about it okay, I just need time to think it all through.”

Mom smiled and then walked out of the room, I already knew what she was thinking, but it was fine by me.

The rest of the night was very hectic we had to move all of the furniture into the house the, the first real fun thing we did was being able to put our rooms the way we wanted them to be.The house was actually really nice, it very big and open, wood floors, granite countertops, everything mom had ever wanted. After we had pizza, Macy and I headed up the stairs, went our separate ways and went to bed. I couldn’t fall asleep so I just laid there imagining what the new school would be like and would I make new friends right away. I couldn’t sleep wondering all theses things.I got out of bed and headed for my somewhat organized closet and threw on some clothes on. I headed for the window and I was almost halfway out when I heard a soft voice coming from the entrance to my room.

“Bailey what are you doing?”

It was my sister, what was she doing up, I wasn’t even being loud at least I


“Macy,What are you doing up?”

She looked at me sheepishly, squinted her eyes, and then went back into

her room. I sat there for a moment waiting to see what she would do, I continued until she walked back into my room.She was fully dressed,with her hair in an messy bun.She went to touch the smooth edge of the window,I nudged her hand away.

“Macy you are not coming with me, go back to bed.”

“No Bailey, I am coming with you.”

Macy had never done anything like this in her life, sneaking out, this was a new one for her. I couldn’t tell what was running through her mind.

“Fine, you can come.But you have to keep up with me.”

I headed out the window going down this pergola thing that was attached to the ground by big cement blocks.Macy and I walked for a little bit but didn’t know where to start, we kept looking and looking to see what we could fine until we came across a giant tent in the middle of the woods.It was huge about 20 feet tall, with big ribbions on the top of the main tent, it is big and strung with bright lights, just like a circus

“Let's go in.”

Macy looked at me crazy.

“Bailey,ARE YOU CRAZY! I am not going into a random tent.”

“Well I am going to go in.”

“Bailey…, Don’t you remember the last time you went exploring?”

OMG, I can’t believe Macy brought my incident up.That was so long ago, almost six years ago. It was so long ago that I can’t even remember it all clearly.All I remember is when I was seven I went walking,my mom told me to come home right away after school but I decided to take a new route and I meet an nice man who offered to show me puppies, I said yes and he tried to take me but a nice man from the police station came and saved me… It was horrible. I was terrified and didn’t eat for a whole week.

“I don’t care Macy, you can go home I decided to come out here and you

didn’t have to come but you did okay, go home I am going in.”

“Bailey I am coming in whether you like it or not, I have to protect you.”

“Fine then, let’s go.

We walked into the main tent, we didn’t make it very far considering we weren’t dressed like everyone. Everyone else were dressed in black and well we were wearing sweatpants, hoodies, and nike tennis shoes. The man who stopped us was a huge guy dressed in all black with his hair combed to the side of his head.

“Do you have a ticket?”The man bitterly asked.

“No, but where can we get one?”Macy cautiously asked.

“Sorry exclusives onl-.”

Then a funny looking woman approached him, but she was wearing a white dress with a blue belt,she was wearing her hair in a messy bun, but her hair was electric blue with stripes of gold.

“Gunter, why are you not letting these nice ladies into the building?”

“I thought you said no one without a ticket.”

Gunter looked really scared, who was this woman,and what power did she have over him.

“They are allowed in okay.”

“What is this place.”I wearily asked.

“Why this is an circus.” She sweetly answered.

“Then why is everyone wearing black?” Macy cautiously asked.

“It’s a special occasion, would you like to see?”She nicely responded.

“Sure, we would love to.”I happily answered.

“Okay then.”

We followed the woman to the middle of the crowd were we sat down and watched as they brought three children to the middle of the ring.

“Whats going on?”Macy asked.

“Well we are going to bring them into our little circle so that they can join the circus.”

“Oh, okay.”

We watched as they uncovered the bags over their heads and then begin to speak.
“Welcome to the main event, we will be adding three brave souls to join our circus, thank you for coming and let us begin.”

The kids looked very scared, and began crying as they saw everyone.The big man who came out was carrying a giant bat of some sort. The man laughed and began swinging his bat at the children, one by one. Everyone was laughing, they were murdering innocent children.Macy began crying.

“We have to go now!”I shouted.

“No your not leaving!”The woman yelled.

The woman then started reaching for her pocket pulling out what looked like a stick, it struck me but not Macy.Macy and I ran out of there not looking back.The light in the sky was coming back and we ran all the way down the rocky trail, trying not to trip. It was almost morning when we reached our home almost 2 hours later.


Our parents can running down the stairs at Macy’s horrendous scream. Macy and I had been through the ringer, we had witnessed three murders and they brought more children out when we ran for our lives...How many more were there.

“Macy what is wrong sweetie.”mom concerningly answered.

“Call the police Bailey and I have witnessed a murder and it is horrendous. They made the kids spirit's work for them and the lady who invited us in was a witch and she tried to cast a spell on us,Mom call the police.”

“Alright, Alright Daniel call the police right now this is an emergency.”Mom shouted it at the top of her lungs

20 minutes later…

“Mom the place it was right here, there were tents and lights.It was like a circus, I promise it was here a few hours ago.”Macy was going crazy by now.

“Bailey is Macy correct?”Mom looked at me very strangely.

“I don’t remember, all I know is that I went for a midnight walk and Macy came with, nothing liked voodoo or magic happend to us. Mom, and honestly three murders?That's a little imaginative.”

Macy began mumbling to herself,”The tent it was right here, the lights, the big tough mean guy, they were all here.”

“Officers I am really sorry I thought it was a true emergency.” Dad apologetically responded.

“It's alright sir, and welcome to peach tree.”

The officer smiled and then began walking back toward his squad car.Macy began crying and shaking, rocking back and forth on the ground. I don’t even remember what truly happened last night but I do know that, whatever it was, it would be back again…


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