The Ghostly Girl

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Submitted: January 17, 2014

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Submitted: January 17, 2014



The Ghostly Girl

A long, long time ago there was this haunted mansion with a graveyard, where ghosts haunted it and no one entered it or went near it because they were too scared. This 13 year old girl, called Devon wasn’t scared and wanted to have a look what was inside, so one night she decided to go in, all the other kids tried to warn her not to, but too late, she was already inside.

Two years later, me and my sister moved into our new house which wasn’t very far from a graveyard. My name is Kate, I am 12 years old, I have brown hair and brown eyes. My sister Jodie is 28 years old, who has looked after me ever since I was born because my mum died giving birth to me and my dad, well you could say, I don’t know him. My sister has blonde hair and blue eyes. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to start school, meet new people, new teachers, learn new things. I started to unpack my things.

The next morning, I got up and started to get ready for school, I am really excited. On my way I took one glance at the graveyard and I thought I saw a dark shadow, unless it was my imagination. I just carried on walking to school, it were only five minutes away from my house. As I walked through the school gates, people started staring at me, except for one person who came up to me and said,

‘Hi, my name is Chelsea, What’s yours?’

‘My name is Kate, it’s nice to meet you.’ I replied smiling.

‘Would you like to come meet my friends?’ She asked pointing to a corner where loads of lasses were standing.

‘Yeah sure.’ I replied nervously.

The next thing I know, I were laughing with a group of friends who like me. Chelsea has brown hair and blue eyes and her other mates, Jade, has blonde hair and blue eyes, Lucy has also got blonde hair and blue eyes and there is Chantelle who has ginger hair and blue eyes. They are great to talk to and a pleasure to meet. But if I had to choose who I got on with the most, it would be Lucy. I invited my new friends over to my house afterschool, we were in my bedroom talking and listening to music. Soon afterwards they had to go home and by the time they were gone, my tea was ready. I had eggs, bacon, sausages and beans, afterwards I got a bath, brushed my teeth and went to bed.

As I was in bed, I was thinking about how I’d met new friends, how I settled in straight away, but, suddenly, I felt a slight chill, like someone breathing on me, also I felt wet cold fingers sliding down on my leg. I looked under my quilt. Nothing there. I was scared. There was no one in my room but me. For the rest of the night, I wasn’t able to sleep.

‘Hi, oh my god, what happened to you?’ Asked Chelsea, looking worried.

‘I couldn’t sleep last night.’ I replied nearly falling to sleep.

‘Oh, ok’ Said Chelsea, walking towards the classroom door. My teacher, Miss Smith knew there was something wrong with me, especially when my eyes were bloodshot. I kept falling to sleep in my lesson, but my friends kept trying to keep me awake. At the end of the lesson Miss told me to stay behind for a minute. ‘Are you okay?’ She asked looking down at me with her brownish, redish, curly hair and brownish, blueish eyes.

‘Yeah, I’m okay, why?’ I asked wondering why she was asking.

‘It’s just you are real pale and your eyes are bloodshot red’

‘I’m fine honest, bye Miss.’ I just went to my next lesson. Afterschool, me and my friends decided to go to the cinema to watch ‘The Game Plan.’ Half way through the film I felt it again, someone touching me and this time whoever it was were like kissing my neck. I looked around. Everyone were just sat watching the film. I was scared as anything, I started to shake, like if I was shivering. When the film ended, we decided to head back, I was still shaking, my friends were trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

‘Come on Kate, the film was funny, not scary.’ Said Jade trying not to laugh.

‘Kate, are you okay?’ Asked Lucy trying to figure out why I was shaking.

‘Come on, speak, you have got a voice haven’t you.’ Said Chantelle looking at me in a funny way.

‘Maybe we should take her home, to her sister.’ Said Lucy, looking very worried and concerned. They took me home, but because I wasn’t responding to anything, my sister took me to the hospital. I was still shaking. When the doctor came, he took me into his room and he told my sister the only thing that was wrong with me was that I was terrified of something or in shock. She asked what could of caused it and he told her that it could have been caused by someone jumping up at me or someone doing something to me that I didn’t like. I had to stay in the hospital for about a week. I finally got back to normal and started doing what I usually do.

Except this time, I decided to go into that mansion. It was all that I could think about ever since I had been in the hospital. As I walked into the graveyard, I saw a shadow, the same one I saw before, it just disappeared. I walked into the mansion. It looked creepy. I saw cobwebs all over the walls. Rats were crawling all over the floor. I went to open the door. As I entered the room, it looked empty. But, I could see a shadow, I went a little bit closer, to find, that it was a girl. She had brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing clothes, which looked liked they had been worn for years.

‘Who are you?’ She asked looking up at me.

‘I’m called Kate, what’s your name?’

‘Devon.’ She replied, my heart started beating really fast that I could feel it pulsating in my throat. I started to think. Could this be the girl who went in this mansion two years ago. Could she have really survived for two years.

‘Why are you here, I mean like in this mansion?’ I asked looking at her confusingly.

‘I live here, with my dad.’

‘How come you don’t go to school?’

‘Because my dad doesn’t let me.’

‘Why not?’ She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

‘Why don’t you just go to school anyway, without his permission?’

‘Because if I did, he would beat me up twice as hard as he usually does now and he would probably rape me four times a day and he already rapes me twice a day.’ I felt sorry for her, I wanted to help her, I didn’t know what to do.

‘Why don’t you come and live with me?’

‘Really.’ She smiled.

‘Yeah, I’m sure my sister won’t mind.’

‘Thank you, thank you ever so much.’ I grabbed her hand and pulled her up, but, suddenly, as we opened the door to the mansion. A man jumped in front of us, saying,

‘You’re not going anywhere.’ He was bold and had a moustache. He looked really old. His voice sounded croaky and horrible, his breathe stank like beer and fags.

‘Now then Devon, what did I tell you about leaving this house.’ I realized it was Devon’s father.

‘It was my idea.’ I shouted, standing in front of Devon.

‘You better come here then.’ I didn’t move. He grabbed my arm and put it behind my back, he did the same with the other one. He tied them together. I knew then, I was in danger. I was so scared, tears started to run down my cheeks. He started doing them things to me, that I always kept feeling. He raped me.

When I awoke, I found myself in a room with Devon. My arms still tied together. I tried to get free, but I couldn’t. But, then, I remembered, I had my penknife, in my back pocket. I cut myself free and I also cut Devon free. I got my phone from out of my jacket pocket and rung the police. I were a bit surprised that he didn’t take my phone. The police came as soon as possible and took the man ready for execution.

After that, I begged my sister to let Devon stay with us and she finally said yes. And me and Devon tried to live our lives as normal as possible, trying to forget what had happened to us.

It was hard trying not to remember what had happened. But, I tried to get through it. Now and again, I would have nightmares of what happened. I try to forget about it as best as I can. And I’m sure Devon is doing the same. Also Devon had worse done to her, than what I did. I hope she will be okay and she’s older than me, and she has had it done to her for a long time, ever since she was 13, she is 15 now. She acts like another older sister to me. I love her to bits, just like I do Jodie.  

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